C4D - Braided Rope


Hi Guys,

i want to model a Braided Rope like in the Reference here:

I’ve already created a Formula-Spline (up/down pattern) for one single color… and bend’ed it to get the correct shape… but i think the problem is, that i have round ropes instead of wrapped cubes, but the banking isn’t working correctly here… so i struggle around, to get the thing look perfect…

i found this tutorial in Solidworks, and this seems to be the thing i need

But i don’t know, how to achieve this in Cinema 4D :frowning: Any suggestions for me ?
Thank you!

Already tried “Reeper/GridMaker -Plugin” but its not what i want :frowning:

My Results so far:

THANKs for any help!


Hello there,

did you by any chance solve this one? :slight_smile:


Hello - yes i finally did :wink: :bounce:


awesome and congratulations! Mind sharing how? :smiley:


Sure, here is the final version, but different colors - open it and learn from it - like i did :wink:




Thank you RiotMode, it is much appreciated! :slight_smile:


dear RiotMode, i am at the same point and found this threat. can`t download the file any more, it is possible to upload it again. would be amazing! thanks a loooot.


Could you please repost a link to this tutorial file if you have it! Would like to learn this also, or if its available elswhere onlien

Thank you


Any chance that someone still got the file on their harddrive? Or a tip how to achieve this? Thanks!