C4D - Braided Rope


Hi Guys,

i want to model a Braided Rope like in the Reference here:

I’ve already created a Formula-Spline (up/down pattern) for one single color… and bend’ed it to get the correct shape… but i think the problem is, that i have round ropes instead of wrapped cubes, but the banking isn’t working correctly here… so i struggle around, to get the thing look perfect…

i found this tutorial in Solidworks, and this seems to be the thing i need

But i don’t know, how to achieve this in Cinema 4D :frowning: Any suggestions for me ?
Thank you!

Already tried “Reeper/GridMaker -Plugin” but its not what i want :frowning:

My Results so far:

THANKs for any help!


Hello there,

did you by any chance solve this one? :slight_smile:


Hello - yes i finally did :wink: :bounce:


awesome and congratulations! Mind sharing how? :smiley:


Sure, here is the final version, but different colors - open it and learn from it - like i did :wink:




Thank you RiotMode, it is much appreciated! :slight_smile:


dear RiotMode, i am at the same point and found this threat. can`t download the file any more, it is possible to upload it again. would be amazing! thanks a loooot.


Could you please repost a link to this tutorial file if you have it! Would like to learn this also, or if its available elswhere onlien

Thank you