C4D and VUE & xStream


Hi Guys,

Im trying to get an entire VUE 8 scene into C4D but only get the ground and it texture when using xStream. The clouds and the other objects are missing.

I tried to export the entire scene from VUE but it only offers me MAX or Lightwave files.

Can anyone help?



depends on the scene. ecosystems can’t be exported, nor can clouds or procedural terrains.

you would need to break down the scene, bake terrains, and render spherical frames for the atmos.


Hey Nicholas, I was thinking in getting your dvd today, as it seems the only resource on the subject “c4d and vue integration”

my only problem, is: I created a text, and I want to load a vue environment (a simple plant or a tree), it creates a different camera and at a “1” scale I think, and you have to go trough that camera to see the vue elements.

At this point I have to completely modify my scene positioning , lights etc, to match the vue scene.

Am I doing something wrong?


Try using a manual scene scale in the vue options panel, if in xstream.
1 = 10 or 10 = 1


Thanks for the advice. Ill give it a try. I have found a way round it. I exported from C4D into VUE.


Does Xstream also not work with Cinema 4D?


It does but doesn’t do what I wanted so I had to work round but exporting the model in DAE format from C4D to VUE.


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