C# catapi


Anybody knows how we can use CatAPI inside C#? (Autodesk.max)
I want to access this method: SetAnimationStretchy


Available in 2020 c# Autodesk.Max.dll. I can’t check 18-19 versions, but 2017 sdk have no CatAPI at all.


So I can’t use it in all versions, What about python? Do you think we can get CAT interface somehow?


pymxs has everything maxscript has. so…


all about CAT Stretchy is a part of CATNodeControlFPInterface which must be available (accessible) for all CAT versions :


So where we can find it inside c# or SDK? I couldn’t find anything about it.
The problem (we should call it bug!) is that the “.AnimationStretchy” property only works in the UI and we can’t set it by using MaxScript. So I decided to find a SDK or Python or C# method, May work.


why? I don’t see the problem to set it up:

.controller.AnimationStretchy = <true/false>

i didn’t try to go ‘deeper’ to check the functionality, but we can set it at least.