C&C welcomed - Oil_Smoke


So I have been working on this for a while, and would like some C&C.
All is welcomed.

But be warned - Im my worst critique, I have been working on the smoke for a couple weeks. and all the dozens of variations I had, I have been happy with.
But I gotta render out soon, so I finish up my reel. But I want a quick comment, just to make sure, that its all right. and if there should be small changes.
Yes, it is animated. This is a quick render, no comp. Of course im gonna comp in all the elements seperatly, just so I can play around with the color a bit, but again, I cant delay this anymore.

Thanks, all is appreciated and welcomed.


Maybe backoff the opacity texture gain a wee bit, apart from that its looking good. What resolution is your fluid if you dont mind me asking? Also because of the size of the fire, I would expect the simulation rate to be quite slow.


the resolution is at 50 50 50 with sizes 20 17 10
so its a pretty decent resolution.
Problem here is that, there is fuel happening to take care of the fire and incandescence, so if i lower the opacity more, then the fuel starts showing inside, which I dont want, and still a havent figured out how to stop it at a certain height.

it is really slow, i dont know how i can speed it up, so im gonna render extra frames, like 150 - 200 total, and do a timwarp in post, so it speeds up. in the very small 30 frame test i did, it worked.


It’s really hard to judge this from a still. I think the motion is going to be what sells it or doesn’t.


It is looking good! Yer motion will be the key! The edge looks quite puffy, but good work!


Okay you really ought to keep your resolution consistant with the size of your container otherwise your fluid will look as though its stretching. Also what I mean about lowering the opacity gain is to backoff on the texture on the opacity so it doesnt looks as spotty around the edges like its been ‘eaten’ up. Whcih means there will be more density not less. Also to burn up your fuel you need temperature which you can then use a high disappation to burn the incandescence up quickly or move the incandescence input bias to the left more instead if you are having problems with it.


here is video of it that been uploaded.

I think this would help you guys see how it moves, let me know what you think.
again comment and critique welcomed, and anything else.


Oil_Smoke Video


The motion of your smoke looks pretty good. Id be a little concerned with your temperature though, the changes in hue are too big, not too sure how you are emitting your fluid whether you are using one emitter or many. Also it looks as though your texture origin isnt moving up in “y”.


thanks alot, i didnt notice the texture not moving up in the y axis. i should have that animated. let me test that out.
ill post another video, when complete.


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