C&C on my site layour please


just finished my site’s layout, and was curious if you could help with by critiquing the nitty grittys before adding content and launching.

the link: www.emshosting.net/123/

as a not, the guy diving in the corner MIGHT (still playiing it in my head) dive down from page to page farther down the right. guess you guys will be my deciding factor…once again…htanks for the help.



Hi WhiteMeat…

It’s not bad so far.

You might want to add 1 or 2 more colours in some small way, just to help break up the overwhelming wash of the base colour you’re using now. Perhaps in a tabbed or mini-table form or something; for special text and whatnot, etc.

Also… you’ve made THE #1 mistake of new designers – you cannot use a fixed width of 780px for an 8x6 target resolution. With the addition of the window “chrome” (i.e. borders, menus, scrollbars) it pushes past the 8x6 barrier and thus the dreaded bottom-scroll is created, when there’s no real need for it.

Try one or both of the these 2 things to help balance the page width out:

#1) Use a fixed table width of only 760px.

#2) In Dreamweaver – edit the “Page Properties”. Set the left/right top/bottom margins to 0 (zero). That will push your tables/content right to the extreme edges of the browser window. Allowing you to utilize the maximum screen realestate.

Hope that helps. :wavey:



had actually already fixed the pixel width, but didn’t bother reuploading. i was pretty deadset on my color scheme…but for it to come from someone like you will definetly get me playing around to see tonight when i can…thanks for the critique


Ive never been a great fan of the effect default bevel gives, personally if im beveling something i normally use a pixel bevel.

The layout looks fine :slight_smile: and other than my little dislike for beveling its fine.


Looks ok. Color scheme works pretty well. You may want to color correct the abstract banner just a tad so it has more green less blue. I like the bar you made for the footer area and the top nav. Layout-wise everything seems to work ok. The wireframes will work as long as you dont have them repeating if the page gets too long. For the nav its a nice legible font…might want to right align it, kinda of feels like it’s floating right now.

I realize you are all done and put a lot of time into this, so here’s a couple suggestions for your next version. :surprised

Logo area:
I would recommend you change the logo font or maybe make a logo to go with it (where the diver is). Thats a pretty sadistic name so you could do some great creative logos with it. The bevel isn’t really helping anything and kinda of distracts…if you need something to seperate the text from the background maybe use a glow or stroke around it.

Content area:
Not too crazy about the nested/embedded content area, maybe use the idea of the corner pieces and work them into the footer and nav bars so it looks like everything flows together as a single interface (using something similar to the elements you have hanging off the footer/nav bars already). Then just use a new repeating background of a line to seperate the news/body areas. Right now it kind of looks like the body area was an afterthought and is seperate from the rest of the site.

Good job.


Nice suggestions guys. :applause:

i was pretty deadset on my color scheme…

Your colour scheme is fine, and not particularily what i was referring to. Think of my suggestion as being similar to a guy putting on a tie or cufflinks or a belt, to help embelish what he’s already wearing. Or a woman putting a fancy hair tie in, or wearing special jewelry, or something of that nature.

Every design should have a little something like this added, to help add more dimension to it. Even if it’s just a lighter/darker shade of the main colour theme. It can help breakup a wash of one colour/hue/shade that lies over the entire design like a translucent blanket. :wink:



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