ByronsPolyTools - English Video Preview


ByronsPolyTools are a new, and perhaps the only, modeling plugin for Maya.

I wrote it because I wanted more than only scripts, and I wanted to Bevel whenever I want, whereever I want.

So I sat down, and wrote the Tools, integrating some new, cool, fast and smart features into Maya.

Smart Split

Solid Chamfer

Smart Edge Ring
Smart Edge Loop

Boundary (not smart, but fast :slight_smile: ).
Grow/Shrink (with working undo)

Smart Move Component

You can download the Demonstration Video of this feature here.

Smart Move Component DemoVideo (5 MB)

Thanks alot to to Neox who hosts this for me .

Yeah, again, a new feature: Now you’ve got softselections/tweaks directly integrated into my node .

Please watch the demo video of the [integrated softselections/Tweaks]

Integrated SoftSelections/Tweaks Demo Video

Added a new feature again:

Soft Transformation Tool (Click to watch)

And additionally, I put an early version of the documentation online, and if you like, you can read it and perhaps, find some errors because my english is somehow dusted :hmm: .
Note: This documentation is very outdated now.

ByronsPolyTools - early Documentation / updated

If you have questions regarding the Plug, or ideas for additional features (besides softselection tools :slight_smile: ), please let me know.

Features to come:

-none for this release, but I plan to care about UVs in the next release



I can`t stress enough how thankful I am for your initiative!

Gorgeous set of tools!!!

Can`t wait to try them (especially the chamfer/bevel stuff).


BTW, when is it supposed to be available?


Byron, are you goign to implement your softselection into these? or is that going to come later on? btw, your right about the paint selection in maya, that works just fine. be nice if you could select anywere on a edge/face and it just select. other than that. i agree with it being fine in maya.

Also, can someone explain what soft selection in 3ds max does? is it just like the sculpt poly tool?


That is really amazing split & selection tools and also great face modifier :thumbsup:


I want release them, when they are really free of nasty bugs.
At this time, there are still a few ones , tiny ones, but sometimes, they tend to destroy the workflow for a second or two, so I will kill them.

And I also have an Idea for another improvement, a type of my own move component tool which works with the attributes of my node and should allow the user, to slide an existing line of components.

This would also be possible with the standard Maya Move Component Tool, but in that case, the edges of an edgeLine move in different directions, each … . My Tool will compensate for that :).

But this thread was meant to keep you informed :).



Originally posted by Levitateme
Also, can someone explain what soft selection in 3ds max does? is it just like the sculpt poly tool?

Hi Levi :slight_smile:
The soft selection in MAX controls for NURBS models are like the soft selection controls for editable mesh objects. Soft selection controls make a point or CV behave as if surrounded by a “magnetic field.” Unselected points or CVs within the field are drawn along smoothly while you move the selected one. With soft selection, transforming a single vertex can move others

I use cluster or sculpt poly tool to do this with Maya (much better IMHO) :slight_smile:


Byron, have you seen the edge loop in XSI? it will split down themiddle, just like most edge loops. but you acn also tell it how many divisions you want. and it will spread them out evenly as well. is that ever in the future for your tools? i just got done seeing your english version. very excited. its weird there is a actual bevel out there that does what it should do. i really like your Selection tools, and theedge loop with the Push feature that is vital to a edge loop split i mean. i hate having to make a edge loop cut, then select the entire loop edge, then move by its normals. just alot of work.



If you are holding the release because of these minor bugs… relax…

Most of us are quite familiar with them, unfortunately… don`t you agree?


anyway, you`re the man: I will be waiting…


SoftselectioTools will be a seperate plugin
when they are done (I didn’t even start to write them by now).

But in general, it will be no problem to integrate them into the same Interface, and compile them together with
PeTe , how I decided to call my PolyTools becaue ByronsPolyTools is so damn long :).


@Levitateme: Hmm, thats not planned, I mean, to have something like a multiSplit.
And I have to admit that my engine behind all that splitStuff was never meant to do such things automatically, so it will be very hard to implement it. Very hard, because the split is actually based on faces (which gives a lot of advantages by the way :slight_smile: ).
So I think, you will have to do that manually, but in times of solidChamfer, it will be quite easy to create multiple edges :).

Yeah, I think, I will concentrate my work on the real essential things that need to be fixed in Maya :).

@trthing: Yes, unfortunately, you tend to get used to bugs, when you work with software. And it sometimes takes a lot of time to get around them … .
In Modelling, I think, its much more critical that you can really depend on the tools you use. I like to modell, and I hate (nearly) nothing more than a tool that fails and destroys my “flow”.

Aside from that, these tools will have my name, and I don’t want to be known as “The Bug” ;).


Wow… byron. Amazing tools.

I simply can’t wait to get a crack at them.


Totally agree with the name thing :beer:

However, if there is a pattern, instead of The Bug, you would end up filthy rich and owner of a 3D company;)


Ohh, some money wasn’t bad, I have to admit.

I am quite short on it because I don’t have a job at this time and no income, but still some savings left :).

But without all that time I have due to that situation, such a “big” plug like PeTe would not have been possible. (By now, I worked for about 3 Month fulltime on it, with an average of 65 Hours a week, I would say).

Programming, Modelling, creating my reel … wow, still have a lot to do :).



too tasty! big chunky props to you!

just to let people know, i have a ‘soft selection’ tool in the pipe at the moment, and it should flop out pretty soon. whilst it is not api coded, it uses maya’s own compiled deformers, and is workably fast. it works with, and can itegrate/add into, history. ill shutup, this is not my addvert!

fuggin brilliant work Byron! awaiting release eagerly!



This could really put some of the real Maya-Coders to shame :).

Awesome stuff !


help us Byron, you are our only hope…


Yep, fantastic work Byron. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos!!!

Take the rest of the year off.

I have.



This looks very promising.

I have a few observations and questions:

In the video it looks as though smart edgle selections do not convert the selection mask.

by default in maya the convert selection operations do not convert the mask and I have always found this to be a pain. (I have had to replace the current hotkeys with macros to do this.)

I would suggest that any selection conversion your plugins provide also convert the mask so that the selection can be modified easily.

The bevel and slide operations look very powerful. if possible displaying the edge(s) that are being manipulated as a highlighted selection would be helpfull. I bring this up becuase many of the bonus game tools operations that AW provide do not provide highlighted selection and it can become confusing when manipulating a wireframe view.

I read mention of a custom move component tool, the move component workflow in maya can be greatly improved upon, I look forward to this as much as any other feature you have shown.

My main gripe of the current system is the extra steps required when using the move component tool. if its possible to have it behave similar to the W(move)E(edge)R(scale) tools where you can start and edit a selection while keeping the move component tool activated, that would save many clicks.

thanks for taking on the effort to improve on such neglected and important areas of maya. These changes could save hours of mouse clicks over the course of a year.



i forgot to mention, i soo dig your ‘align-split-to-edge’ function. too cool! can it be that hard to go from that, to pushing a set of vertices along their edges? (even if their polarities are wack)? man, these tool do appear solid. and all the quad action, … crikey, your getting me excited here! :slight_smile:


Creat comment , thank you.

The change of the selection mask on edgeLoop, edgeRing will be in , no problem.
I got so used to my hotkeys that I didnt even thought about the fact, that it was better not to be forced to push it .

As I plan it, the move component part of my plug would work solely with my node, which means that you would have to click the slide parameter in the channelbox and then change it.

I already have a manipulator implemented which allows to do that interactively. But I didnt show it in the video because im not happy with it yet.

What I want for the manipulator is, that it sticks on the nearest edge. What I have to do to accomplish that is to build a transformation matrix.
My problem is, that I don’t yet have a clue how to align that matrix to a component.

I did some tests, which should simply align the manipulator to the viewPlane (I copied the TranformationMatrix of the camera to the manipulator), but the results where extremely strange.

So if someone has an idea how I could build such a matrix (like it is used in the standard maya moveTool for example), please let me know :).

Nontheless. I saved your mail and will take it back home, so that I won’t forget what you said :).