Byrons Poly Tools RELEASED


Byrons Poly Tools are out now!

It will give you all you ever wanted in modeling:

[/li][li]Soft Selections
[/li][li]a working bevel!
[/li][li]… and many more

Learn more about them on my official website (WIP)

The site moved moved to a temporary location until it reaches its final destination next week.

Best Regards

Special Thanks to VisualBoo, the host :slight_smile:


cool cool, but there seems to be something wrong with your flash menu on the page…the text doesn’t go away when moving the mouse away from the text… :shrug:


Congratulations Byron! Most people here in the US are probably asleep, it’s not even 5AM yet, but us night shifters are still drinking coffee. :wink:

I just sent you my payment via Paypal. :beer:

Can’t wait to try these tools out.

Bis dann!


Yeah! I just Paid via Paypal as well. but how big is the file?
will hotmail can handle it?


I got some more work today, so I can splash out and actually buy these now.

Though, PayPal gives me some error which I will have to clear up with my credit card company, so I shall wait till the morning… and abuse them immensely… :slight_smile:

And yeah, the Flash is broken on my end too, Flash is evil anyway, good ole’ vanilla html I say :slight_smile:

Congrats on finally getting it out the door, hurdles always appear from no where, you seem to have jumped them all.


I just received my copy of BPT, a mere 10 minutes after purchasing it.

the file size is around 167k.

Totally satisfied with the customer service :slight_smile:

thank you byron :slight_smile:


… as I always do.

As already said, the file will be a 167 kb Zip archive.

The docs are not included, but you receive a download link within the mail.

The website is still far from being ready, and I hope the NavMenu bugs will go today.

Oh man, my heart goes like crazy … this is just incedible :buttrock: .




Does the single license cover both 4.5 and 5.0/5.1 versions?


Dear Byron,

Does this version works with osX ??
If it doesn’t, do you plan to release it on osX ? Your free bevel tool doesn’t seem to work either on osX…

thanx a lot



From the thead in News:

Originally posted by Byron
A Linux version is definitely planned and I will care about that as soon as possible.
OSx would be nice too, but at the moment, I will not be able to afford a new Mac plus MayaLicense, and unfortunately I do not know anyone in Germany who could recompile it.
And yes, it has to be someone in Germany because I would like to go there personally then.


Thanx a lot Somlor, I didn’t see that.
Now I take my g5 and I go to germany…



Does the single license cover both 4.5 and 5.0/5.1 versions?

No, you will receive only a version for either 4.5 or 5.x.

But if you plan to upgrade to Maya 5.0 soon, you don’t have to wait because I will send you the 5.0 Version of BPT once you request it via Mail :), without any charge of course.



Byron, I have received the tool and currently playing with it and I have to say, It’s Freaking AWESOME!

I’m gonna have to play and experiment with various meshes much more to fully understand how to use your tools efficiently but this is very exciting.

Thank you Byron!

ps. just noticed a small flaw in the Quick Help menu under ‘Bevel’
You put ‘Solid Chamfer’ instead of ‘Chamfer’ for Chamfer.
just letting you know.


Thank you :slight_smile: for your small but important bug report.

Byron [fixing that :slight_smile: ]


Thanks Byron,

Paid via paypal. Got the zip some 17 mins later (it might have been quicker but i wasnt checking!)

Congratulations on this fine piece of work.


What is this??

The server seems to be down ?!?
What the …
Am I the only one who cannot reach the BPT site?


Edit: It works now! It works … all is fine … pulse sinking … 200 bpm … sinking … :slight_smile:


cool, i’ll have to send the details to the resource dept to get us a multi-license set up.


i wait for a week-- my mom say “life is like a chocolate box…”


HOT!!! I put invokeBPT_Bevel as a shelp button. Then First i create a poly plane and start to pick edges and invoke the tool… i made a simple model splitting and extruding the stuff… Ta ta… my mom say"look for the node and bend the value…". After switching up-and down i think to go in my plug-in manager and check the i (info) icon right at the loaded plugin… TATAHH maya close like a BOOOO!

i think to not waste my money and wait for byron poly tools v10 (as u put on highend)


This may be post in the other thread bucouse it about BPT_Bevel… I don’t wanna make panic for this, but it’s not an issue that you can test… but my crash occurrin’ after i try this plug for the first time… after a reboot all was fine and clean!

Sorry byron if made violent-announce!