bvh export from MB, not exporting scale


I’ve scaled the hips, clavicles and forearms individually on my skeleton in MB and exported it as a bvh. All animations come through but I’m losing the scaling. Is it even possible to export scale into bvh format? I’ve tried setting scale keys but no luck…


That is an interesting question and I am going to guess that no, bvh does not record scale. Only positions and rotations, though I could be wrong.

However, if scaling is what you want, I think you’d want to do that at other places in the pipeline and not on export to bvh. Or perhaps there is another format you can use instead like fbx.


Thanks! Yes the scaling did end up coming through but it was interpreted as joint translation (as you said), so the scale didn’t show any values. I agree that it should be dealt with earlier in the pipe, but I had to try this to fulfill a client request! I’m at a Mocap studio so they’re interested in having the pivots match where the actual actor’s joints are to achieve the most 1:1 solve/animation.



If I am not missing something, sounds like you have it solved then if it is giving you the translation in the .bvh file that is based on the scale you did. I was thinking you needed to actually have the scale animated.


Yes it’s solved, I didn’t need to animate scale, just have it hold onto the joint locations. Thanks for the replies!



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