BUZZ LIFE, Andrea Bertaccini (3D)


Awesome detail, really astonishing 5stars


wow great work,
its really close to the reference.
I give you 5 stars!


I have loved the original photo since I was a little kid (dreaming of becoming an astronaut myself one day). Some time ago I started to remake the pic in Lightwave myself, but I found it quite impossible to do as I knew the photograph too well and could not get the details right… You certainly succeeded where I hopelessly failed :slight_smile: You did a wonderful job!!!


Here you can find a comparation with the original image and the CG image


Yeah, I’ve seen wrong (or different) pictures, so there is the problem :slight_smile: Now it’s PERFECT! Keep making such beatiful images…


Amazing work! Is the moon background 3d, or a 2d image composed?

Please, show us more WIP images, close-ups, etc…


Very nice!
5 stars!


no you are not wrong, there’s a lot of tipe of the same photo, depend on color correction and quality, I put the comparation from what I’ve used.
thanks again for your comment


Amazing work…in fact it is superb. 5 stars:applause:


that is amazing! i would never believe it was cg if you didnt post the wireframe. the only real difference i see is the original image’s suit is dirtier than yours, thats it man. everything is dead on…just amazing, very inspiring!!


I can say three letters: Wow:bounce:


that’s insanely good and just brilliant!


great work
5 stras for this nice work:applause: :applause: :applause:


To the moon and back is the name of one of my favorite songs of Savage Garden the design is amazing. Ti di por di hechas di cosas di mas del ver di quiciera di diseño di EL di ermoso di es


Thats what I call an EXCELLENT WORK .


I was floored after seeing that comparison that you posted - excellent work!


It so good I had a moment where I just wanted to not believe it :D! Excellent job! It really pops out at you. A five’r for sure.


5star! Great Job!


Excellent work. Looks so real.


how the heck can you duplicate that image spot on?! that’s friggin awesome! aside from the fact that the lunar landing was a hoax… whaaat?! :eek: but that’s another story… :smiley: