Buttons in R9


How many of you out there like the style of the buttons in R9 ?




How about a poll to see how many know that you can change the scheme with one shortcut and a mouseclick? :wink:


Oh joy, oh coolness! A themable 3D app! :slight_smile:

Preferences -> Interface -> Colors

And in the folder: resource -> schemes


never mind my ignorance… :slight_smile:

Edit: And ofcourse the selection of schemes at the first page of the preferences (common)


Not only that, but also customizable layout ofcourse… seems like the revolutionary features of Modo is already available in C4D… :slight_smile:


…and have been for quite some time as well :thumbsup::slight_smile:



I like the Glow themes actually / and it isnice to have a dark theme included!


True. As someone pointed out elsewhere, Maxon should emphasize this more in their marketing.


Hei srek, how´s that?


Go To “Edit->Preferences” on the first page change the “Scheme”. Then colors are their own Sub Tabs under interface and viewport.

You’ll probably also want to invert the viewport rotation (first page) and change the color picker to the nicer “Enhanced Color Box” down in Units.


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