Butterfly Character


I had some time yesturday (classes are just getting going and are a little slow) so I decided to make a character for my student project.

The model took just under 4 hrs, texturing took 30 mins, and the hair took about 40 mins. The model is 904 polygons!

Hope you like…

There are 5 more butterfly pics on my site…



the wireframe shot is sweeeet. i can’t believe it’s only 900 polys. the color of his hair matches the color of the wings wonderfuly. I espically like the modeling around the mouth area. its origanial and looks great good job flowers:D


I’ve fixed the lighting in the scene. It helped a lot, the colors are right now. I had to spend a little time figuring out how to make the hair look right with radiosity. O well, all fun.

The news pics replaced the images at the top of the page. Or you can see them and more new butterfly renders at my website.

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