Butterfly Blaze, Neville Dsouza (2D)


Title: Butterfly Blaze
Name: Neville Dsouza
Country: India
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop

In this piece, i wanted to make an impact with
Mother Nature’s most beautiful gift ; the butterfly.
In order to make it very special and unique, different colours were painted on each wing! combined with a little glitter and subtle line work. To add to the final touch, a strong zoom effect was added to make it more dramatic and further blaze the colours in all its glory!


I love butterflies! This artwork sure makes me love them more. Marvelous color compositions, the brightness that’s gentle to the eye… And those tiny sprakles, wow… just beautiful

4 stars! :applause:


thanx a million my friend! :bounce: :love: very happy u like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers to u! :beer:

god bless!


You’re very welcome Neville, I just don’t know why the stars haven’t appeared yet. :sad:


this butterfly is of an incredible smoothness, if pure and very luminous. the smoothness which takes its take-off! :wink:


Ischwara ~ hehe :stuck_out_tongue: … i think the best stars one can ever receive are the comments that are posted by warm people like u and everybody else :love: :stuck_out_tongue: thanx again my friend! :bounce: take care!

Ishtar ~ thanx a million for ur kind words! :love: means a lot to me! god bless ya as always!


I really like what you have done with the motion blur it really represents life as a motion.
4 stars.


Maybe it would look even better if you draw some green grass or leaves in the background.


thanx a lot dude! … hehe … actually i had a similar idea of adding desaturated leaves n all … even twigs n stuff … but since the zoom effect came about … the details of the leaves n twigs will be totally lost … lets c wat happens :stuck_out_tongue: … i’ll surely do smthin different but considering ur idea as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx again my friend! stay tuned for more! :wink:

take care! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers! :beer:


You can count on it.

Leaves would be visible in the center where zoom / motion blur effect is less visible so you can test it out.
I think it would be much better.


hehe :stuck_out_tongue: yup will surely do! :stuck_out_tongue: sounds really cool indeed! :bounce:

thanx again buddy!

cheers! :beer:


If MSN really had their feelers out searching around, I think they’d be interested in this since they have a multi-colored wing butterfly for their logo.

It reminded me instantly of it, and I was surprised that you hadn’t done this for a contract assignment for them. But good effect though.


Although the effects looks good, the concept doesn’t really strike me as original.

MSN has been using a multi-colored wing butterfly for years.

In fact, 3 of the 4 colors you picked are the same, plus the arrangement of the colors are flipped vertically to theirs.

The only color that is different is instead of blue you used purple.


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