"But what I'd really like to do is direct..."


Hi y’all,

I hope this is the appropriate place for something like this. (if not, please let me know and I’ll follow whatever protocol is suggested)

While I’m ramping up my skills with Maya, I think back on the times when I have worked with people putting together storyboards, blocking a scene, finding emotional camera angles, pacing a story, etc., etc., etc. I really miss that aspect of things, and I would love to work with someone (or someones) if there is a project that could use this kind of collaboration.

I’m not sure if this is being a “director” or a “layout artist” or “storyboard artist” or something totally different, but it’s something I’ve been fortunate enough to do before, and I miss it.

Is there anyone interested in something like this? Or any advice how I might find myself on a path towards working with people in this capacity?

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P.S. - This isn’t some power-trippy I-want-to-tell-people-what-to-do thing. I sincerely want to build a project to be the best it can be in a collaborative environtment.


Hi there Mooncalf, I don’t really understand what you mean, its a bit unclear exactly what you would like to do… if you want to model and animate on a collaborative project then there are plenty of people out there looking for someone like you.

Posting examples of your work should genereate more interest.



Hey Mooncalf,

I can see where you are coming from. I’ve joined up with a group of artists who have been working on a project since last november. We are currently planning/storyboarding a short animation (4-5 minutes long).

We are somewhat lacking on outside opinion, but so far we are making good progress. There is a script and the details about true camera angles and that type of thing is being sorted out now.

If you are interested and want to learn a bit more:

Here is the script current draft/script writen by Crash:

And Here is the current pre-storyboard discussion:

You’ll need to login to see the rest of the Forum.

Also-- a little bit of history of the group can be found at:

If you are offering services, I’m sure they would beopen to have some new.


Hey Benork,

I’m not so much looking to model or animate right now… It’ll be a while before my skills have reached the point where I’d be useful to anyone (but I’ll get there, you betcha)…

What I’m saying is that I have a good eye for visual composition of a scene. And I have a good ear for dialogue. And I have a good feeling for the arc of a story. And if these are things that anyone feels might benefit their project, I’d be happy to join in.

Say, for example, someone has some characters and a basic storyline: boy meets girl, they fall in love, but she can’t marry him because… I dunno… she’s a dinosaur, and her family wouldn’t approve of her marrying a human. This person’s got great models, and can animate really well… but somehow, the emotional impact of the story is falling flat. They don’t know what to do to bring the piece to the next level. That’s where I can come in and offer suggestions for mood, tone, camera placement, blocking… direction, if you will.

Or, say someone has a plot outline, but they would like to work with someone to develop it into a full 5-minute script. I’m sayin’ I’m the guy what wants to be involved. :slight_smile:

I wish I could post some samples of my work, but I haven’t any. But if someone’s willing to give me a shot, I’m willing to have them tell me “Dude, it’s just not working out between us. I appreciate the help, but I think we should go our seperate ways.” Of course, I’m also open to someone saying “Where have you been hiding?? You are a genius! I’d be nowhere without you!” Either one is cool with me, eh?

I hope that makes a little clearer what I’m asking/hoping to get involved with…

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I get where you are coming from. Unfortunatly in the project I am working on there are already 2 of us working on the script, so Im sorry to say I don’t think we would need a third person. However if we find we fall flat on our faces with the story, i know where to go for some advice.



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