But I Don't Believe in You, Nick Harris (2D)


Title: But I Don’t Believe in You
Name: Nick Harris
Country: United Kingdom

Just done for a challenge at Pixelbrush.com entitled Myth. Being rather undecisive and with o many wonderful myths to choose from, all with magical moments, I was spoiled for choice. So I went a different way and began to wonder if mythological beings would believe in each other and what if they didn’t. So if the Grim Reaper doesn’t believe in Faeries - does that kill them?

I also used this as an exerise to push ArtRage again. This is totally ArtRage 2.5. Only the text was added in Photoshop. I’ve even avoided colour adjustment etc, to see what happens.
Totally made up without reference as per usual.

Copyright Nick Harris 2008


Beautiful work, my Friend! You have such a great style:drool: There’s always a subtle sense of magic in your illustrations.

This one is serene and disturbing at the same time - the contrast of two opposites - life and death. This is also underlined by the autumn leafs.

Five stars :thumbsup:


And it’s beautiful as per usual Nick! I was just thinking that since the focal point in ol’ grim and the interaction between him and the water fairy, you could have the other fairy slightly darker and in shadow behind the leaves. Right now my eye goes straight to that top fairy first.

You gonna share this with the pound?

Nice to see your post. Take care.



amazing colours! :love: love the way you captured the moment …


Hmm, I wonder who doesn’t believe in whom? The Grim Reaper in the Fairies, or the Fairies in the Grim Reaper…


Sublime Nick, as I’ve said elsewhere. The play of light, the expressions of confusion and wariness you’ve captured - I love it. One thing I’m picking up more on second viewing is the fearlessness of the fairies. Just excellent work Nick. Phil


wow,this is amazing,in ArtRage of all things:) What I like about this is the fact that,despite being in the triangle created by their three heads…the reaper’s scythe is played down…it’s their wonderful expressions that cause the viewer to wonder what they are thinking,and pity the poor faeries!..very impresssive:)


the unkown story is beginning!

nice work!!!


Fantastic painting! Beautiful colors.

I really like it.


Wow, nice contrast in characters :slight_smile: I like it… and I love the fairies.




wow :slight_smile: I love it…


Love your world Nick !


Thanks for all the helpful and nice feedback guys. Always appreciate your dropping by.


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