Busted search


Is the search still janky here for everyone else, or am i just doing something wrong? This site used to be the "goto " for finding things, but when i search for anything, i just usually get a “blank page” result. I find myself searching google, to in return, search this site more often than not…which just seems backwards.


forum now lacks 90% features it once had and the search is one of them
for me it just shows empty page :joy:

googling like this seems like the only option left
search query site:forums.cgsociety.org


Hurray! Haha its like they wanted to destroy themselves or something.


I stopped contributing to the forums once I found that the many of the new topics after transition were not indexed by google so I couldn’t find what I posted ever again (some are for some reason…). And lots of the posts I used to be able to find before and relied solely on google instead of bookmarks now return zero results - this gets progressively worse with time…


And I used to be able to use my nick to search for something that I know I posted, no longer possible either - searching for Swordslayer curveControl site:forums.cgsociety.org used to give me this CurveControl topic, now it returns two unrelated results one of which points to an ‘Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’ page and the other only works because someone mentioned me in the post text… Note that I can only locate this page because I put denisT in the topic name back then, otherwise I’d just give up…


Unfortunately, I also cannot find many of my posts and threads that I open. Sometimes it can be very helpful to re-read the discussion and track the history of finding a solution … before the new user interface came along, I could find and re-read old topics, rethink and try other solutions due to the addition of new functions and methods.
For me this forum has gradually turned into a one-way street, so I have to apologize for my poor participation in it lately.


Yea, I’ve been very thankful for you guys, and others over the years for helping solve problems. This site was always my goto. “How do I do this…someone’s had to have had this problem…”, hit up this site… boom, multiple solutions and ideas.

Or even going to just to get ideas of things to try.

I used to visit this site daily if not more often. Now maybe once every 4 months… I was hoping it was just me, or my browser for the search. Unfortunately, I guess not.


here’s up to date maxscript and sdk threads titles with post count and creation date. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to know the thread author
CGTalk_3ds_Max_SDK_and_MaxScript_threads.zip (1.8 MB)

if you want to get all thread posts simply access it like this

I guess it should be easy for most of us to get the data we need or simply get the whole category :slight_smile:


Wow, thats handy. Thanks!


“Made proudly by Shakuro:no_mouth:


for me this place ranks alongside the half wit that thought moving max help online was a good idea, I fucking hate max’s online help with a vengance (And yes I know there are chm to download but they aren’t the same/usable as the older versions ). It comes from people who implement this shit that don’t actually have to use it.


the current interface changed the meaning of this site from professional to “site of interest” … participants started asking questions sometimes without even ineterest to get an answer … There are questions with an answer that have been hanging for six months without activity. Many questions are not concretized, do not reveal the essence of the problem, do not demonstrate attempts to solve them on their own.

And I see the reason of this because of the unsuccessful interface …
For example, the participant’s post counter has disappeared … the date of his registration on the site, professional interest (position) are gone.
Now it is not clear to me which level should be chosen for the answer - is it enough to send a link to the sdk, or I should start with an explanation of how the controller differs from the modifier …