Bust Gallery, Joel Mongeon (3D)


Title: Bust Gallery
Name: Joel Mongeon
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This is the cumulation of a series of bust studies completed using Zbrush. I wanted the busts to feel like sculptures rather than real flesh hence you might notice tool marks left on the surface. Each head was created from the same base mesh using reference from 3d.sk.
I was heavily influenced by a gallery show I saw in Ottawa earlier this year title Bernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait Sculpture.


Excellent Zbrush work! Good job. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


That looks really good. I like the amount of details you’ve put in each of the models.


Love the two models on the sides… lovely stuff. Just been working on a head bust myself so I appreciate the skill here :stuck_out_tongue:


excellent digital sculpting, great on details.


Excellent expressions!!! :applause:


Really nice work, Looks like all those studies you did awhile ago paid off. I love how each model can carry its own personality which is different from the next. Great job.


Beautiful work Joel. Fantastic presentation on top of that!


Thanks everyone, here are some close ups of each head sculpted:


once again - beautiful work Joel! :applause:


beautiful work.


Very well done indeed. Congrats. :thumbsup:


Very good sculpting work! My favourites are the bearded man and the woman :wink: It’s especially fascinating to me, when Hair is shown as a sculpt.


…amazing polyflow (i’m sure about this) and great sculpting!


Great bust sculpting :thumbsup:

I especially like the woman, an dthe way you worked the hairs .


Very nicely done :slight_smile:


Really good work


amazing work man! :thumbsup:


This will be plugged in , 3, 2, (soon ) :d

great work man, you’ve gotten so bloody good lately.

so where are you now? last I heard, you went over to Seattle ( but I forget if it was for Microsoft Games Studios or if you went over to Valve. )

cheers :smiley:


fine work my friend! congrats on the front page.