Business Solutions Consulting?


Hi. Have anyone received outside help to setup their companies? I am a rather successful freelancer and my schedule is overloaded since years. It’s hard for me to find a moment to think about expending, recruting employees/salesmen, being more visible etc… I was wondering if I should hire an external company to help me in the process.

Any ideas?



If you are having a hard time doing it, be it not having enough time or having a hard time making a decision, maybe its not a bad idea.

Even Fortune 100 companies spend millions on outside advisors and consultants to help refine their business model, recruit talent or even manage payroll. Nothing wrong with it, think of them as your first employee and partner.



Companies do this all the time. It help to cover your weakness. If you are good at technical but too introvert, you can even hire a marketing companies that do lead generation.

too kind hearted? hire a company that will collect money that people owe you.

Manage bills and payroll is pretty normal.


As everyone has said, it is completely normal to hire an external workforce to handle your day-to-day operations so you can focus on the creative. But please remember that you still have to keep track of everything these companies do for you. It is not a simple give-and-forget.


Is there companies that give you an agent that really work for you or they just try to update your website and deal with your bills?

What I need is a mix of an administrator and a saleman. Someone talkative and proactive that will work for the future while I deal with the present.


Hi. Can you show me a site or link to what kind of range you are able to produce?

I know someone who might be able to do what you need done.

But it will cost you quite a bit. Most “Representations” take up like 10% of your fee and it can go all the way up to 25% once lawyers and stuff are added in.

But they do get the job done.


Can you show me a site or link to what they have to offer? :curious: Is it just a “job hunting” firm? I tried Aquent in the past with really bad results.


Why are you so keen to find a salesmen? In my opinion a lot of time its harder finding work then actually doing the work.

If as you say you got more work then you can actually do then your really already quiet a good salesmen or have a good reputation / network which is a large part of being good a sales person is about.

Maybe you should look to find some artists you can bring in to help you with the workload while you manage the relationship you have with these clients and oversee the development of the art to ensure your maintaining the quality level your customers are used to.


If your quite well funded it may be worth setting up a company and have someone run the day to day stuff for you. I guess that way you can have someone else operate under your own brand and act on behalf of the company. Which provides quite a natural approach for gaining work.

But its a really good question, there must be a lot of capable people out there who would love to do this as a part time job. Working on commision only is often a bit difficult and tends to attract the wrong kind I feel, they will only be chasing the easy money and not acting with your interests at heart. If the work dries up they will be out of there faster than you can blink, exactly when you need them most… If you run a company you can have the staff as a stable operating expenditure and deploy them as a consistent resource.

Maybe you should look to find some artists you can bring in to help you with the workload while you manage the relationship you have with these clients and oversee the develop of the art to ensure your maintaining the quality level your customers are used to.

See that in my opinion is getting promoted out of the work you enjoy doing. I know some people get a real kick out of the business stuff and there is nothing wrong with that at all, its just most people get into this stuff for the craft and creative side. I think its pretty important to cultivate it and continue to level up as an artist


You can still do some of the art.

The way i see it is your setting up and securing your future, maybe you can retire early then make art purely for pleasure :slight_smile:


I am not a good salesman. I have however few agencies that are making money out of me in a 50/50 deal. I am also very good at delivering complete products in very short timeline. I want a salesman first to break that 50/50 canvas and to diversify the clientele. Then I’ll hire and train more creatives.

Yeah, I think a salesman would make more sens than going to see agencies.


earwax69, if I could recommend you something, out of experience, is that you start by being your own salesperson. You need to establish a relationship with your clients first. That means having to play the executive role and a letting go of the hands-on role of an artist (leave this task to the freelancers you hire). Once you have solid connections then think about bringing someone to cater to your clientele while you handle overall operations.

By the way, people who handle clients, and look for new business, are called Account Associates/Executives. Just thought I’d let you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to clarify and then second this.

  1. Account Executives generally manage accounts already won. In most major U.S. agencies i work with, the department heads and New Business managers are the ones who spend time researching and soliciting potential new clients. Then The pitch is made with creative and account heads. Then the account is managed day to day by the AE. Generally, once the account is secured, the AE will be too busy managing the account to go look for new business.

  2. Make sure you are ALWAYS present in the clients mind, and out of sight is out of mind. I have seen too many account/sales executives get too cozy with the client and then think they dont need the creative portion anymore. Even if the client ends up coming back, the damage is done. Make sure you set yourself up against a situation where the AE (or any outside consultant) can walk off with your clients.

In either case, as you start to run your new business, your role in creative production will have to move more to creative direction and management, less doodle time.


Excellent advices, Tuqui-tuqui, BoBoZoBo. Thanks a lot.

I know about account managers. They are often my clients when I deal with ad agencies. An account manager with no account will surely look for clients but I’ll call it Business managers in that case. I’ll use that name if I search a candidate.

is that you start by being your own salesperson

There’s one big obstacle to this: I am in Japan but fed up with japanese projects. Got to think international but it’s hard when you are not on the terrain. It’s for that now I deal with agencies outside fo japan.

However I am getting ready to meet more people soon. New clothes, new business cards. I’ll need a new demo and website though.

I have absolutly no stress when starting big projects on crazy tight deadlines but when I got to meet new people, even on skype, I am getting really nervous about it.


Hi Thierry

I was in the same boat about 4.5 Years ago. I was alone and had too much work.

You should really ask yourself this: Do you want to own and operate a company?
It’s a different job with different talents. You will need to learn how to do it. After about 10 people… forget about doing any 3D.
If you don’t want to have 10 and more people, it’s too much of a headache starting it.
And forget about the idea “somebody else doing it for you”. Not at the start at least (10+ persons ok)
You can try to find 2 other people who have the same goals and are likeminded but are more into the business side of things and start it together. (Don’t do it with just one other person, it will always be 1 opinion against another)


(Don’t do it with just one other person, it will always be 1 opinion against another)

Pretty good advice!

Yes I want to have my own company. Yes, I want to quit the computer side in few years. Problem is, I am really good and fast as a creative. However I will rust as I get old and I think I should concentrate on ideas/storyboard and let a team polish the work.

As for sharing the ownership, I would need to find somebody really rare to do so. A serious business man that will not shy to dine with ministers.

I was in the same boat about 4.5 Years ago.

How about now? Is it going well? Switzerland look like a good place to do business, a bit like Singapore. The rent must be sky high…


Anyone though about hiring a Virtual Assistant on website like Odesk?


And how about tricks to generate sales leads? any suggestion?


Hi all,

I am actually thinking of writing a paper about this sort of thing, and was wondering if anyone could point me to any of these agents or agencies? Trying to google this sort of thing seems to bring up freelance animation gigs, more than anything.

And Earwax, where does that link actually go to? It seems broken, but interested in anything you’ve found. Good luck on your venture though!



A freelancing website. a lot of virtual assistants on it. but… you get what you pay for! I dont think I will use it now. Better find a real person in your local area an make a commission deal. A real sales representative. Those Odesk people just do online stuff really…


I see, thanks for the info!