Business Centre, Philip Herman (3D)


Title: Business Centre
Name: Philip Herman
Country: Indonesia
Software: VRay

Using 3D Max6, render in vray, finisher in photoshop. Business centre in someplace at Indonesia. An office projects. Hope you like it…


Render is good but i haven´t feel like in bussines centre. I feel like in tea restaraurant :).


Yea it feels more like a airport terminal. :slight_smile: Good work though. Maybe a little more dis-organization. If everything wasn’t so evenly spaced apart, it would look more realistic. Great models and textures though. :thumbsup:


I think the couches look a bit too square. Take a look at some of the best indoor renderings here and you will see people really took the extra time to model in waves in the fabric and imperfections. Also, I feel like this office is floating in the clouds because of what is behind the window. Maybe you could add a skyline to show on what floor this office is at? Overall you did a good job, but it needs work if you ever want it to be great.
Keep it up!


I think you have “missed” the proper outside texture. It looks like your office is 1000m high :slight_smile:

But, on the inside it is great.


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