Bus Rabid Transubstantiation


Bus Rapid Transit => Bus Rabid Transubstantiation;

BRT-巴士猛然变形记(Chinese Name Here :hmm: )

I am a college student majored in Architecture Xiamen

University Tan Kah Kee College. I live in Amoy (Xiamen),

China – a city on a lazy beautiful island. In the old days,

People on the island enjoyed the blue sky, beautiful

sunshine, gorgeous beach, and fresh air. However, with the

development of urbanization and industrialization, the

environment is devastated. The city now is crowded with

various vehicles, especially private cars, squeezing out the

space for public transportation.

So last year, the government decided to build the BRT,

exclusively for public transportation, which covered up 70%

of the sky above the main street (Xiahe Road) in our city.

One of my classmates was living in an apartment near BRT (an

ugly monster in my opinion), like the one I painted on the

right hand of my picture. Eventually he had to move because

of the increasing noise.

Should our citizens protest this project? Look at the tens

of thousands of cars on the streets, aren’t we the prime


A week ago, inspired by the satirical sense applied in in

Jacek Yerka’s paintings on the NVArt Surreal Competition Webpage, I

found my way to express my personal feeling about this UGLY

monster (BRT).

My work starts from a draft on the NDS homebrew software–

COLORS! The Lada 2105 model brings from 3Dwarehouse of

Google. (In the old times, this is taxi we are using). My

final work was finished in Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy it.


[left]Your story is a worrysome sign of things to come.


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