Hello guys!

There is a project i have started for some time now, i have posted the wip on an other forum, then i’m doing it in here too, to get fresh approach :wink:
It’s a friend’s challenge project, we decided to have to build a little creature/character (like a gobelin), in a steam-punk style.
I’m about at the end of the hight poly step (i must still add the zbrush touch : decay, scratches…), and it’s actually in stand by ( im working on others projects ^^).
However I used 3dsMax and Zbrush.
In waiting for you post :wink:

To see more steps pictures, follow this link :


awesome work!!

I really love the arms both organic and mechanic and the chair…

ccant wait to see the texture

good job …


Thx dude!

“I really love the arms both organic and mechanic and the chair…”
Maybe you misunderstood the picture, because there is no organic and mechanic mix, just the legless character is organic, and the vehicule is all made with iron, steel, coper, etc…^^

However for the info, all the motorisation system is absolutly not use to run the wheels, but to run the mechanical arms, which are there to use the wheels :wink: gobelin spirit ^^


Dude! This is very inspiring.

Keep doing what you’re doing - and whatever you do, finish this piece!


Dont worry, this project will survive ^^, i wish just to work on “high poly” from now.

About the animation, i will sure ask you guys many things about the “setup” process, because it could be nice to have dynamic effect and not thousand “helper” to get all the desired effects ^^


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