bunny is tired, Greg Petchkovsky (3D)


Definately frontpage work, she’s creepy in a way :smiley: but you’ve done a real good job bringing her and the bunny to life.

Nice work!

/ Magnus


wow great char! :smiley:


Excellent, very funny character and very well done !


Awesome work…love the nana :bounce:
4 stars :wavey:


frightening real


excellent character!



awesome image! :thumbsup:


I knew it…front page! Congrats Greg! :thumbsup:


Oh my God ! Really incredible image ! Everything’s perfect ! I like how you designed her ! All these details on her face ! Thanks for posting your hi-res image ! 5 stars.


This is great!! :bounce: Congratz!! :thumbsup:


Greg this is just bloody great man. Really top notch on every level - modelling, texturing, character are all of the highest quality. Excellent!



awesome stuff!


Someone needs to get the carpet-steamer out! Great work!


Top quality!!!

I find it disturbing, but it doesn’t change the fact that is really well done.


Funny, poignant, sad - all at once.
Remarkable work!!!

five stars


ahah Awesome Greg. The final Render is top notch !
I especially like the hand both texturing and modeling. look so real :buttrock:


Awsome job!!!
This artwork is really ultramegamassive GREAT…wow:bowdown:


Ha Ha , looks good.


Awesome awesome awesome!!!


Holy cow, is that cool or what?! It can´t get any better. 19328 Stars.