bunny is tired, Greg Petchkovsky (3D)


Title: bunny is tired
Name: Greg Petchkovsky
Country: Australia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This has been sitting unfinished on my hard drive for a long time; it started as a test of the new tools in zbrush3 when it was still in beta.


Love nana´s bunny :slight_smile: Superb work, both modeling, texturing and lighting are fantastic. Congrats


ow it’s nice, so detail, maybe her back needs to be hunch abit, just to gives more old impression…


thats just amazing, loce the sss 5*


OMG!! very nice modelling shading adn lighting!! absolutly 5 star!! i hope see it soon in gallery


cool model of grandma perfect job I like it:thumbsup:



You made really cute grandma;)

I like everything, but her wooly the most, really well made!

Beautiful piece!


No words :S just Great. Textures modeling and light are excellent.


oh my god , if i could i would rate this 10 stars , amazing work :applause: :buttrock:


nice work. could you describe briefly how knitted sweater was done?


you did great work 5 *:slight_smile:


That is sodding awesome! Brilliant characterisation, photoreal looking rendering, and i love all of the little details like her furry tights, and the scuffmarks on the carpet.

Super stuff.


Its always nice to see the work of a master:bowdown:, well done. Only thing i don’t like is the black void at the back. 5 stars though :thumbsup:


Amazing! How you did the fur on the sweater surface? Frontpage stuff for sure.


Awesome job! -The attention to detail is flawless.


Is that Yoda’s mum? :wink:


I like it! I don’t konw why,just like it!


Oh wow, all these great replies already! Thanks everyone.
Huge print rez version (1.8M) here

The knitted jumper is geometry, which was made using a couple of plugins, decorate, by an ex colleague of mine Roger Fransen, and clone by itoo software. So, I modelled one stitch of knitting using renderable splines, then two clone modifiers to make it into a flat surface, then decorate to conform that over a low resolution model of the jumper. Finally, I scattered some fine fluffy hairs over the jumper, which helped to make it look soft.

Unfortunately decorate is max8 only :frowning: If anyone interested in writing max plugins wants to steal the idea for decorate then go for it, Roger has moved on to bigger and better things so won’t be updating it anytime soon, and its a shame not having such a cool plugin in newer versions of max.


Here are a few work in progress test renders, and a shaded view.


Awsome , really original ,details are amazing too!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: