Bundles of Wires that Eventually Spread Out


I’m trying to create something similar to what’s below: bundles of wires/cables that travel together tightly intertwined for a distance through a machine before spreading apart and plugging into different parts of a circuit board.

I can do the “travel as a bundle part” decently well by cloning some circle splines radially, placing them under a connect, and using them as a profile for a sweep. I place that under a fracture object, and add a random effector:

But I can’t seem to spread them at the end using this technique. I tried using a tracer, and animating it along a path to generate the trails; and it worked well in my head, but in practicality it wasn’t as precise as I needed it to be.

The only way that seems to be workable is by making each cable a separate spline/sweep, but that feels rather tedius, and near impossible to make later adjustments to the cable paths (which are probably inevitable if the client changes the internal layout of the machine, as they’ve already done in the past).

Any thoughts?



cheat? make the zip ties darker and hide the transition from bundle sweep to separate spline sweep there


Could the cross stitch tool in CV-Spline 3.0 be of some use here?


That’s definitely a good cheat to consider; I’m looking through the scene’s other variables to see if I can pull it off adequately.

There’s definitely potential with that tool, but currently CrossStitch doesn’t have any Spline type options - I’m stuck using linear splines with hard corners, which won’t work with the wires.

Thanks for the ideas!


I’m not seeing the problem as stated :shrug: …

Just control points to the zip tie and spread points from there
like PLA


Apologies for sounding stupid, but could you clarify a bit? I was trying to figure out a procedural way of doing this, as there are a ton of wires that need routing.


tried xparticle setup for that. Starting emitter is a defined emission, round shape below the floor and particles are guided by follow path for the bundled way. After leaving, they enter a cover mod with spline points as a target to be filled in vertex sequence …


That’s a really interesting technique; thanks for sharing!

For this particular project, after manually creating the wires & sending a version to the client, I received a polite response: “Could you try a version without the wires?”


I’m so glad I no longer freelance. :smiley:
Keeping your face straight while saying, “ok, no problem” to clients like that…