bump question ?


I would like to have this guy’s costume look thicker next to the skin (mouth and eyes), but without modeling it (it adds too much detail and breaks my subdivs).

So i thought a bump map on all the costume would do (just a black picture), but it’ s not working.

Anyone has an idea ?


first, you’ll need Ikeda’s Power Tools for the Super Shift tool.

  1. use the Statistics window to select all polygons of the mask. hide all other polygons (by default: = key). (these images don’t show me hiding the other polygons, i though of that afterward.)

2. activate Super Shift, and in the Numeric Panel, set the second drop box to Local Normal. right-click on the screen once, without moving the mouse. this will do a shift with no shift and no inset.

3. now click and drag with the left mouse button a little bit up, and a little to the left. hit Spacebar to deactivate Super Shift. (inaccurate selection in this image, ignore it).


4. now expand your selection once (by default: }, or Shift-]). invert the selection (by default: ", or Shift-’). now you have selected all of the polys that need to be assigned the skin surface adjacent to them.

5. unhide everything else (by default: \ key)


I’m with LyonHaert on using Ikeda’s Power Tools for this.

You can either super shift the mask out, or super shift the face in…both ways should work.


Thanks a lot for this clear explanation ! :slight_smile:

this method gives nices results where there is a lot of polys or flat surfaces (nose and mouth) but it doesn’t work well on the chin, it breaks the angle.

That’s why i was asking about the bump, but i think i’ll use this method and tweak my mesh a bit.


I would get rid of the tri you have…take a look at the attached image. That will give you a new row of points to fix the chin, whithout adding to much geometry.


Thanks werner, that’s a solution. :thumbsup:


Very nice character, I want to see more!

Just adding a bump to the costume surface won’t make it stand out from the skin because the costume surface (incl. the bump) has no relation to the skin surface.

If you wouldn’t want to add geometry you could try with some weightmap+gradient powa! Just create weightmap which outlines the areas where the skin and costume meet (use David Ikedas Select Outline) and then add a gradient in the bumpchannel of the costume which uses the weightmap. (Make it so it bumps (value 100%) only where the weightmap is 100%.) This will give you highlights and shadows on the fringe of the costume. To enhance the effect with a slight shadow cast on the skin use the same weightmap in the skin surface’s diffuse channel.

(an example using slightly modified head by Taron)

You might have to tweak the flow of polygons a bit to get rid of artifacts, and you should try to do away with large differences in polygons density around outline if you want an even looking thinkness to the costume. Although the results above look great already I think your character might acctually be more ideal for this than Tarons head.


good tip evenflcw!


Thanks evenflcw ! Great tip, i could have never figured this one alone. :applause: I’ll do some tests.
Here is the top of the character, i 'm working on the legs now :


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