Bump in mudbox information


I just want to get information, is it possible in mudbox to draw bump map?
In zbrush there is material, which allows to draw bump and see bump on the model.
Is it possible to rotate brush alpha’s shape in projection mode in zbrush? Or i need to create many alphas, rotated in xy plane, if i want to have some variations in alpha rotations?


Mudbox cannot make Bumps for now.

Regarding the rotation of alphas in Projection Master, theres a video tutorial from Kris Kosta (Antropus) on the Zbrush site:


He uses skin textures from photos and rotates them, you can adapt the technique to paint Bumps in Projection Master.


what? yes it can…

all you gotta do is generate a displacement map between two arbitrary meshes and you’ve got your map… For example, if you have an 8 level sclulpt, and all of your bump details are on level 8, just generate a displacement map between levels 7 and 8… All that will show up on your map are the bumps.


Did you read the original post question? Can you paint a Bump map at lower level for instance because your machine cant handle the needed to polygons to have a detailed mesh displace?


Sil3, Thank you alot for the info! I’ve cheked now that video, will see how it can help me. I’ve undestood there the idea with plane which can be rotated as o tool.


Talk about reading the original post question… The original post said nothing of the sort, he simply asked if mudbox could create bump maps. Which it can :slight_smile:



Ok lets be more specific, this is what the original poster asked:

Since he refers to the way ZBrush does it, painting in realtime and not having to generate one from your Displace Map. In this case nope, i still say Mudbox can’t for now paint Bump Maps the same way Zbrush or even Bodypaint can, but lets rest it here :smiley:

Glad I could help Geser but thank Antropus instead for the cool tutorial hehehe :wip:


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