BulletFX 3.0 GPU multi physics solver for 3dsmax



“Full GPU accelerated multi physics engine”

“The next evolution in dynamics for 3dsmax” Quality : Speed : Control

BulletFX is a full GPU accelerated physics engine. BulletFX is a out-of-the-box multi physics solver for 3dsmax. BulletFX is one of the first of its kind to fully use the GPU to compute simulations. Fast, quick and easy to use and it exports to most major 3D platforms.

What can BulletFX do:

  • BulletFX can solve large scale and small scale fluid simulations with our OpenCL Flip Fluid Solver

  • BulletFX state of the art rigidbody dynamics solver uses the Bullet Physics Engine to solve demolition and destruction.

  • Softbody simulations are know easier than ever with the new BulletFX Softbody modifier which provides a quick and easy way to get good and fast looking softbody simulations.

  • Muscle and Skin simulations can also create quick and easy with BulletFX. Useful for riggers and character TD’s and also VFX TD’s looking to simulate skin deformation on characters.

  • FEM Simulations can also be accoplished with BulletFX. You can solve the ripping and tearing of meshes.

  • BulletFX offers the fastest granular solver on the market. Dwarfing other granular solutions.

  • BulletFX FLIP Fluid solver also has a integrated foam solver for simulating foam and splash.

yyeeeaahh ! and the best part…from video teaser…there is a Fascia Skin Solver !!! :smiley: yep the same tech of WETA tissue and ILM Muscle sim, think about it ! :slight_smile: we can do the same !

Thank you AlphaVFX !


from the teaser, New features:

[li]GPU FLIP Fluids[/li][li]FLIP Foam Solver[/li][li]GPU Granular Solver[/li][li]FX Particle System[/li][li]Muscle Geometry[/li][li]FEM Muscle Solver[/li][li]FEM Tetrahedralize Modifer[/li][li]FEM Modifer[/li][li]Fascia Skin Solver[/li][li]Softbody Modifer[/li][li]Speed Improvement[/li][li]Faster Convex Hull[/li][li]Granular Body Collision Shape[/li][li]Vertex Body Collision Shape[/li][li]OpenVDB Fluid Mesher[/li][li]Spacewarp Support[/li][li]Particle Flow Collision Shape[/li][li].PRT Export[/li][li].bgeo caching[/li][li]Simulation Monitor[/li][li]FLIP Fluid Rigid Body Coupling[/li][/ul]


Nobody is commenting on this?
Doesn’t it seem to be one of the best plugin that was done for 3dsmax so far?
I mean, it seems really cool.
And flip solver? Is it the same as in houdini?
It would nice to hear about max users on this plugin


But… but… why 3ds max? :surprised

Edit: Having actually watched the video, I must say the feature list sounds a lot better than what was shown. This looks like game quality, except its all in slowmotion. If you think this is anything like what WETA is running, think again.


why not 3dsmax? :slight_smile:
I think there must be quality settings to increase samples for simulation, and maybe the viewport previews in the video don’t give the plugin real justice.
And for the price, I think it’s really a good deal.
Any other opinions?


Yeah, what’s wrong with max? :surprised

The feature list is quite impressive, the presentation not so much. I hope they make a better loooking demo soon :thumbsup:


Yes ! there are options in the Engine to make it run faster like :

  • use Multithreading
  • GPU Optimization
  • Realtime Solver
  • OpenCL Acceleration

and more :slight_smile: …for the Fascia Modifier there is a Solver options like :

  • TimeStep
  • Quality with Double Precision and Substeps
  • Cache with Play from cache

Maybe we should wait for a complete documentation, Tutorials, Video Walkthroughs…it would be great to see a Horse or a Hulk guy exemple in a demo scene


Yeah, what’s wrong with max?

With such a feature list, it seemed to me the target audience ought to have been film, where 3ds max is not as prevalent as other software. So it was surprising to me that the didn’t chose a platform where they would have had more users.

But alas, the presentation made it clear this was not the case.


Ahum, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_made_with_Autodesk_3ds_Max


I don’t know how you decide towards which platform and userbase to develop your software for, but if you aim for the film market there are better options than 3ds max.

In no way am I suggesting that any software is in any way inferior to any other software, or that it isn’t used anywhere by anyone. 3ds max may well be the absolute best software out there in every scenario; I wouldn’t know as I have never encountered it in my professional life.

Based on the presentation, 3ds max might even be the best target platform in this case.


Well, maybe they did :stuck_out_tongue:


3ds Max choice actually makes a lot of sense, as it’s one of the very few 3d packages that are missing proper built-in dynamics/sim tools.


Yes thank you ! :thumbsup: Exactly…there was a plugin ACT “Absolute Character Tools” plugin for 3ds max but sadly was canceled.

so it’s a very good news that a new plugin allow us to rig with modern tech FEM muscles and skin solver “Fascia” tools…the same tech in internal VFX houses. :bounce:


Looks very interesting and promising indeed. Kind of like a much expanded DMM for Max with particles and fluids etc.

I was thinking the same thing about the quality of the shown examples as well, though and I have to agree the feature list sounds a lot more impressive than the teaser examples make it look like.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.


PS: To my knowledge Max is massively used for film VFX, so in my book this makes a lot of sense.


Their poor website and the ridiculously low price they ask for a full physics multisolver, would kinda give some serious doubt about what you will really get under the hood.

Unfortunately Miracle are rare these days … and this one put my skepticisometer pretty high.

But who knows maybe we have here a great multisolver for less than 5% of realflow / bifrost / houdini price.

If you guys test it in production , it would nice to give some feedback ! :slight_smile:




Well, Houdini indie is only 199usd as well. And lucid from ephere will be around 100usd, so I guess this is only the fact that technology and physics solvers in particular, are becoming banal and a common thing, thus cheaper.


Well i agree with you that some area are definitly more accessible and thus easier to reproduce.

But H indie is 199$ with restriction it’s more a way to help you start and grow with H rather than the competition. But at the end H is expensive a FX floating license is not cheap. But you pay for what you get, like a L-glass :slight_smile:

The direct competitor of this one for max in the FLIP side is realflow i guess. And considering how NL has push in his last release, i seriously doubt that this FLIP solver will be on the same level.

Sure realflow will cost you 10 time more … but liquid production are already very hard , better pick the best tool and not the cheapest one. :slight_smile:


I don’t think poor website necessarily means bad product. I mean if they are just bunch of programmers concentrating mainly on code, and not marketing and sales, there’s not much wrong with that. What got me a bit suspicious though, is that downloads are done via Mega.nz :curious:


You are right ! :slight_smile:

but a clean pro website is one element among other that give a positive sign to your potential users.


GPU sounds nifty and all. But I am not convinced it isn’t just a toy yet either.
Finished shot examples is whats needed. For example the fluid meshes seem to all look noisy.
So I am not convinced I could finish anything i started with the tool (to a production standard).

I’ve used Max for VFX and stuff like Rayfire set a pretty high standard I am not convinced this i can match (for RBDs).

The muscle example -was it really doing anything ‘muscle like’?! or were they just red footballs attached to a skeleton?