bullet time effect


I need some help trying to find a lw bullet time effect tutorial? any help I would greatly appreciate. Maybe someone would be willing to write one or explain so I can understand Thanks.


If you’re talking about the timing, I don’t know if there’s an easier, or more automated procedure. But i tried it once for a simple animation using these principles:

Just play around with keyframes in the graph editor. The transition from normal time to bullet time should be only about half a second. Make sure the curve of the transition is smooth, preferably bezier. Sync all keys so the transition of all objects/properties/effects from normal to bullet-time happens at the exact same time.

If you’re talking about the bullet effects or refraction or whatever, well then, maybe someone else can help you.

i’ll bet while your animating this, you’ll be making a whoosh sound with your mouth everytime the bullet time comes in. :wink:


I think there used to be a tutorial on Worley’s site, granted it used to be for one of his plugins I think, but it should give you an idea where to go.




And here’s one more link you may want to try.

The link I mentioned before was for the Polk Plugin at Worley’s site, it’s called Freezetime or something like that.



Thanks everyone I will give it a try thanks.


3D Timewarper from TuffLittleUnit. I haven’t used it but it looks nice.


Check out this link: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=81182&highlight=bullet+time
Should be helpful. :wink:


If you’re talking about that refraction effect they used in The Matrix, then ugh. Don’t bother. It’s disgustingly over-used… As is the ‘Matrix kick’–even in parodies.


actually there is an automated procedure for bullettime that i’ve found. Although you’ll reallly feel the ease of use on character animations. Just make whatever motion you want to be bullettimed into a motion of a motionmixer actor and then add a timewarp curve and edit the curve. Basically it starts as a linear function which means that as frames(x axis) advance the motion(y axis) advances at the same rate just flatten the curve out in someplace and the motion will stop as frames continue


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