Bullet Collision problem with tiny object


Hi guys,
So I was creating a desert scene with many tiny rocks randomly distributed on it.

The face is the ground and its topology is just that simple.
First I use nParticles and convert the instance to geometry;
Every tiny rock is zeroed out and have history delete.

(The surface is the ground and the tiny noises are the rocks)
Then I create dynamic rigid body on each rock, , give the ground a static rigid body. Here’s the settings I used:

Then when I let the time flow. I got this result…

As you can see. Only one corner in each subdivision collide properly with the rock. The other half just fall through it. I tried with a simple plane with a bit twist in its geometry and some small sphere and I got the same result. IDK why I’m getting this result. Did I mess up some settings? Or it’s just a glitch? ( Illuminati Confirmed?)


Try increasing the planes tessellation 10x and if that doesnt work maybe the Max iterations on the Solver node.