Building AMD Hackintosh


I’m building an AMD Hackintosh. Actually built the PC 3 months ago, but decided to make it dual boot so it can be used as mac or PC. This machine won’t be much in play for 3d work. It’s for database work.

Still…I thought some here might be curious about my experience, as some might want PC pricing/performance but w/Mac OS.

I will report on three things:
-How long does it take
-How much fuss?
-How does it work

It’s reportedly easier to do these w/Intel but in this case I don’t have the option. This hardware was already in hand.

So far I’ve invested about an hour or two…watching videos and downloading stuff.


Ryzen 5 2600…was $200 but now discounted @ $140
MSI Tomahawk B4550 mb… $140
AMD Radeon 580…refurb…4gig…$125
Total build <600$

This budget system smashes my 8 core Mac Pro 2009…and beats my 4-year old Intel 8 core PC. And this isn’t the hot new Ryzen that just came out. I won’t be using for 3d much at all, but so you know.

Now waiting for shipment of the video card… But have the installer disk set up.


If you are open to using an older Mac OS you can build a Hackintosh w/Nvidia…but I wanted to use Mojave, which only works with AMD cards (unless you are very daring w/hacking).

This of course is a big deal for Octane or Redshift.


Interesting. Let me know if it boots and everything works… Never seen a full AMD Hackintosh before.

That might save me from buying a second hand mac to build my Unity projects on IOS.

Good Luck with it.


Hi, I’ve been using a hackintosh for video and graphics work for over 3 years now. First PC I ever built, was relatively easy to hack thanks to the wealth of info available.

At the time it was as fast as the bottom end trash can mac pro but cost 1/3 of the price.

Still working fine, though I’ll have to change the GPU to amd if/when I update to mojave/catalina because of some ‘problems’ between nvidia and apple.

I’ve seen some stuff on youtube about ryzen hackintoshs so your goal is achievable.

Interested to see how it goes for you.



For grins I’m going to record scores both in Windows and in Mac OS via hackintosh:

For reference:
i7-5820 6 core, $390 4 years ago
Cinebench r20, 2408
Geekbench, single core: 4,227 multi-core 21,438

Ryzen 2600, current discounted price $139 - windows 10
Cinebench r20, 2863
Geekbench, single core: 4,372 multi-core 21,231

Ryzen 2600, discounted price $139 - MacOS/hack
Cinebench r20, to determine
Geekbench, to determine


Setback here. The GPU I purchased re-conditioned from NewEgg seems flawed. After 30 minutes of trouble free use I rebooted…and got a strange error message. One reboot later it started throwing up noise all over the screen. I’m not going to mess around with it. This was just in Windows 10. Sending it back.

So not ready to proceed with hackintosh installation.


My hackintoshing was delayed. (RMA for refurb AMD GPU, shipping). Finally back on it.

I’ve done all the preliminaries and as I sit I can see MacOS Mojave half-way through it’s installation. Will it work at all? Will some functions not work?

Pins and needles…

OK…I’m seeing the Mac desktop…next I have to install Clover drivers.


Crap! I had internet access and was on the final phase w/some drivers.

The tutorial I was following departed from some more recent protocol. I was forced to make a guess…and I guessed wrong.

Will need to re-install Mac OS and choose Door 2 next time.


So, you’re preparing it for subscription plan of r21. That’s nice