Building a Xeon Duel socket workstation


Hello all, I’ve started collecting the bits for building a workstation and need some advise.
I’ll be cannibalising stuff from my current box to save some money.

Here’s a list of the pieces that I have and need to buy.
1- mainboard Asus Z9 PE D8 -Purchased
2- cpu xeon 2620 x2- Need
3- memory registered 4x8gigs-need
4- case something solid-need
5- heatsink x2 something quiet-need
6- 40Gb SSD and a 1Tb harddrive -need
7- power supply -650w cannibalise
8- monitor -cannibalise
9- gpu gtx 550- cannibalise

For the list above these are my concerns.
1- should I have gone for socket 2011
2- can I use just one processor on the mainboard and if so should I buy only one chip now that’s faster for around about the same price of two 2620’s and wait for the prices to drop before I buy the second one.
3- I found some registered Kingston memory for around the same price as the sleek looking unbuffered Corsair stuff
4- I would like something that’s solid so it can soak up fan noise, front facing USB ports and any indicators which show the well being of my system would be nice such as CPU temperatures. should I be looking for a horizontal case (see heatsink)
5- heatsink(x2) needs to be big with a big fan attached should I be concerned about them fitting inside a tower, what about supporting brackets connecting to the case itself, these things look a little heavy and I’ll be needing two.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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