Building a screensaver??


I tried posting this to XSIBase, but whenever I click “Post” over there I just get a blank screen.

One of my best clients came to me with an odd request. Build a 3D version of their logo and then turn it into a Windows screen saver. They’ve got a big trade show coming up and they want it on all their systems.

The logo part is simple, but I have no experience dealing with screen savers.

Any ideas?




I think director used to offer an option to do it, otherwise there’s tons of shareware and commercial cheap software that will turn flash files into a screensaver.

Google is your friend.


Yes, I think I’ve heard of this Google you speak of…

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone had done this before because I wasn’t sure if you can export the object in a format that a particular screensaver app could load, etc.

Flash was my first thought, but then it’ll just be a pre-rendered sequence, versus something like a real-time OpenGL or ActiveX screen saver.


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