Build sli GPU for 3D


I would like to ask people who have deeper knowledge than myself and no some shit :smiley:
I want to do more heavy high end work in CG,
using more heavy scene in Maya, with lots of polygons, doing heavy sculpting in Zbrush, and rendering in RedShift and Texturing in Mari.

I was wondering if its possible to build multi GPU sli thing, that will better performance in all software and whatever i am doing.

I will not game at all, if that someone cares to know.


Sli is of no use in CG apps and tasks. For the viewports just buy the best single gpu you can. If you’re into gpu rendering, then there’s no need for sli either. Just install the gpus on the motherboard, and if the motherboards sees them, you’re ready to assign renders to them. That’s all.