Buick Wildcat 1966, Luis Calero (3D)


Title: Buick Wildcat 1966
Name: Luis Calero
Country: Spain
Software: 3dsmax 6, Vray

Hi Folks…

This image created to 3D TOTAL TEXTURES v8 tutorials.

Modelated using 3DSMAX 6 and render with VRAY,with a model kit and photographs references.

Using photoshop for final composition.

hope you like…


Can’t believe I’m the first to post! This image is very cool! Loved the composition and the front part is also very detailed! Perhaps the red metal could have a harder specular, but maybe it´s just me.

Congrats, Chewaka!

Keep keeping!


C00l. Maybe the reflection is too high to this old buick.


That looks very kewl bro, perhaps a little bit to much reflection indeed, but that isn’t such a big deal, it really looks kewl, I’m looking forward to see more of your work…


very nice image, great integration


Have to agree with Chasnam, maybe a tiny bit too reflective but thats on;y if I’m trying to be very picky, excellent composition.


the lighting in this is perfect, and the model is really is really cool, good job man :thumbsup:


Wow, that almost looks real. Nice job!


Sweet. And refreshing. Its tired of seeing only showroom cars. The front grill and headlights are right on. There’s something about the main car body shader though… I suspect its just too much reflection, not enough schmutz, like everyone says. Get some grime on the windshield too while youre at it.
love, hen


Very amazing… great work, i like the very detailled front of the car, and the car-paint too
very very photo-reallistic… :)…

Off topic : Will be a great place to talk with leia about kafka and kant :smiley:

Amazing … congratulations


Thanks to everybody for the comments.

If, to have reason about the reflections,perhaps send new renders, a greeting to all.

Sorry for my english please :shrug:


good composition. But Frenkie is right…


The only problem really is it’s too reflective but other than that it’s worth a plug. And thanks for being brave enough not to do another squeaky clean car.



Nicely done. A good one!


Waaw, nice car! I like shading and texturing, lichting as well, good work



there is nothing quite like a classic…nice work


I like it.
But as some said something extrange with the reflections of the car paint.



I agree with the comments on the reflections, but still excellent work.


awesome piece of work, keep it up!


compositing could be done a lil’ bit better…i would focus mostly on the lighting…it looks too bright and refractive…perhaps add some more rust to it?