Bugatti T57, Idi (3D)


Hey there guys!
This car took me 3days to model, texture and light.
Howz about rating this baby…



Nice. Could we see some wires. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer a bit lighter version if it is possible. Nice job on headlights. And add some pictures from different views.


That looks fantastic! :buttrock: . Outstanding accuracy and smoothness. Great renders as well, nice atmosphere going on in there with the glowiness and the colors.

Can we have some more pics please? :smiley:


im with buzzbomb on this one, very nice man,…


like It,
no, LOVE It .:buttrock:


Thanks all for the comments…Pls take a look at this thread in about 2 hours, will have some other angles, maybe a lighter version and also a wire.



here’s a off-white color…



Very good model and rendering…nice work


Idi, you got some excelent stuff here! :thumbsup:

see ya


very sweet, i like it alot


Excellent renders, and very nice modeling! I only have 2 very minor crits. The seam of the hood in the second shot(just in front of the door) looks a bit thin and uneven compared to the door seam behind it. Only other thing I can spot is the winshield looks like it is floating ahead of the opening a little(second render also). A graceful car, bugattis are works of art!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


it’s a great render! very nice work:applause:


Front Page!!!



:thumbsup: very nice work Idi.

I love the chrome surface, especially in the first render.

I would also be very interested in seeing a wirframe. Awesome stuff, especially for 3 days work :slight_smile:



Awsome… very good render!!!


For all those who wanted other angles and a wireframe…


Thanks all


Thats a lovely crafted car. Very nice job.


very nice!


This image is AMAZING
I love it !
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

What software used ? What render used ? :buttrock: