Bug Pushing Fridge off cliff


Hey all, this is my first post on cgtalk. This is an assignment i have for class, lemme know what you all think. Many thank! :slight_smile:



excellent! you’ve managed to successfully communicate weight in both the bug and the refrigerator. This is nitpicking, but watch out for the degree of budging the refrigerator makes each time the bug attempts to push it/pick it up. The first time he runs into it is great - I get a good sense for how heavy the refrigerator is in relation to him. The second time he tries to push it while standing, but it budges to almost the same degree as when he ran into it. It should budge just ever so slightly or not at all since this is half the force he exerted the first time. The third time, he picks it up - it is still heavy, but it is much lighter than when he first attempted to knock it over. He is picking it up with his arms, not his legs. He should be using his entire lower body to lift it - his arms should practically be locked. This thing looks great and I am totally nitpicking at the refrigerator’s morphing weight! I can’t “weight” to see more from you! haha… ugh


Yeah, great work mate, really snappy and fast, giving the guy a sense of hyperactivity which works well for the scene and character.

i’d definitely agree with paul.yan’s crits, but just add that i think it would be a little better if when the fridge falls off, his momentum from pushing it made him follow it a little bit and he fell forward a step or two.

quality stuff, where are you studying btw?

i’m in wales at a uni, but a little disillusioned at the minute, just looking to hgear what other places are like,


Hey everyone, thanks a tonne for your replies. I totally agree with the weight thing you both mentioned and will get to work on it asap :cool: .

Oh and Mungo J, I am attending the Center for Arts and Technology Okanagan currently. It’s a really good school i think.

Thanks again all, tis most appreciated :slight_smile:



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