Hi everyone! This is my final character for my school demoreel. I almost finish the proxy,but have some problems to put all the pieces together.
Here is my drawing and some parts that I have been working on.
Please, I need feeback, so I can fix the problem whole working on it.



totaly amazing:buttrock:


Great modelling. :thumbsup:


nice concept and good modelling start! :thumbsup:
hope 4 more stuff next time.



I have been working hard try to finish this character. I still need to put more details on him and spent some time on textureing. This is my first time to use final gathering. Biren, thank you for teaching me now to use it. Your robot is ten times better than my buda.

Please, tell me what should I fix. I will fix it.


wow!!! great model… can’t wait to see the textured render


This is really great! Show us the textured version now!


I am still working on the Buda, I know there are a lot of problems on this character. I want him to look gold, but very hard to get the gold feeling. I will keep working on it and do some color correction . Please, I need some feeback . Thanks


thats really good steve. sad that this isnt getting as many replies as it should. awesome work!


Very Cool!!



Kick Ass job on the textures man… keep it up Steve. Love the model too, wud’ve liked to see it rigged though.


great job on the modeling and textures. you’ve done quite an impressive job, from concept to execution. we are all so proud of you. i hope your final piece will make waves on CGTalk. it’s about time you post your demo, man.

much respect,


Not only is it really well made, but I think the most important strength is the creativity that has brought this thing to life. One of the most original looking characters I have seen here in CGtalk. You finish this up and it would be a crime not to see this in the gallery. :applause: Great imagination you got there Steve and very nice model. :thumbsup:


Whoooaaa, haven’t seen the progress of this image, it looks amazing. About the gold, I think blurred reflections would be better.


Holy crap !!
I can’t find anything wrong with it… it’s very cool and I must say that it’s a piece top-class modelling.
"thumbs up "


love the concept - cant wait to see your reel

Also could you tell me how you get that surface detail on the base object (the leaf shaped things). It looks like geometry thats been painted on the object surface. Cheers


Thank you everyone!

I just finish my Demo Reel. You can check out the Demo Reel WIP and see what I have been doing for the past 6 months.

DannyDreams-Thank you, I am appreciated. The reason I want to make a robotic buddha is because there are not many people doing such character, so I just want to give a try and I am very happy to the design.

Andrewley- I put texture on the base and made the specular and reflection very strong, thanks


hot diggity that’s nice


Yeah great work here!
I love the modelling and the concept :buttrock:


looks fantastic man! awesome,

geting a gold feeling is always a hard task, i think you can trick a little whit the stuff the gold is reflecting! :wink: