BU interview questions and tips?


I’m currently applying for the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Msc program at Bournemouth. I’m having an interview scheduled for this Friday. So I was wondering if anyone has gone thought that and could give me an idea of what the interview might be like, any tips or questions they might ask?

Thanks in advance.


I had that interview back in 03-04 for the BA and I didn’t get in, I remember being super dissapoint about that at the time, I knew the other courses would be way worse in comparison and man was I right about that. In hindsight I would have waited another year and had another go at it. It could be much better now in other places

He asked what I was interested in and where I saw the industry heading in some years. he also asked how i thought I did in the maths test. (I assumed not too well) But that was just the BA course, i think its quite different for MSc


Hie, Millag. I’m hoping to get into bournemouth next year. so, if You are done with the interview please post your experience here. It would help me


Hi there,
well I have to say I expected to be much harder. Since I’m non UK citizen the interview was conducted over Skype. It took about 15 minutes or so and I was ask general question about what topics I was interested in, why I have chosen this particular program, what programming languages I have experience with and some questions about C++ (classes, inheritance). As I understood it was very important to show motivation and focus on what you have applied for.
So I wish you the best luck next year :slight_smile:


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