Brute Chieftain, jeff miller (3D)


Title: Brute Chieftain
Name: jeff miller
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

I got permission to show this piece that I created for the upcoming game, Halo Wars. This is a marketing piece, created in max, zbrush, and photoshop, rendered in metal ray. It took about 4 days to complete.


cool work ! just 4 hrs ? amazing man!


Wow . this is greate work the details and the texture are greate the render is greate too . fantastic


I don’t think there’s many things that are cooler than humanoid beasts in futuristic plate armor wielding giant sci fi hammer/maces. I hope one day my artistry is half that of this guy’s creator.


haha he said days man!!! God knows no human can do that in 4 hrs!


amazing job love it detail is great nice texturing is good

job well done


4 days to make model uvw and texture?

u didnt sleep? o.O


Great character! looks awesome. My only crit is the composition - he appears to be standing in front of a green screen in a studio or something and not a part of the environment.
(but the environment looks good too.)


beautiful work, the textures and model work is superb :slight_smile:


This is amazing, I’ve never seen such strength visualised so well on a brute. Cause they always looked weak to me in comparison to Elites and Master Chief.

5 Stars


thanks for the comments. yes, 4 days, not hours. and that is for the modeling and texturing. the rendering spilled over a bit. here is another shot.


great character!


Awesome render.


wa,good job!!


Very cool…this brute looks pretty darn scary. Hope he’s not a close-talker, I wouldn’t want to have to smell his brute-breath.


hey superb man specially texturing
very nice
good job


Great texturing and modeling !


very cool…


coll rendering and metal texturing , congrat.


Great work man!

Love the design of the helmet and how it enhance
his agressiv jaw.