Brushed Metal


Gave Brushed Metal a bit of a try today! and the resaults are not to good! Used a anostrophic material etc etc and tryed using a HDRI & FG and it just looks Blown out for the bump i used a grid with the U width 0 and the V .1 yet i still cant get a brushed metal and im not to familure with the anostrophic attributes so i dont know what to change etc to get a nice Brushed Metal, If anyone could give me a walk through or post a shader! im Mental ray Built Shader Friendly to but yeah nothings working out today!



If you have a look in my portfolio there is a phone with a brushed metal surface. The bump was done using a quick map made in photoshop. If you use the noise filter (monochromatic) to fill a blank doc then use the motion blur filter on the noise you’ll get a nice brushed metal pattern.


did you just assign the texture only to the bump node? or did you plug it to rflection,diffuse or something else…

i apllied it to the node (glossy)of a DGS (turning off spec,diff.) but didn’t get the same effect…


yes - the brushed tex is only applied to the bump channel. The shader is a blinn with the diffuse settings are zeroed out and a u-ramp on the specular, the colour is comming from the specular settings.


Any chance you can post the shader? :slight_smile:


amazing how often this one comes up. i did a search for “brushed metal” and came up with two results just in the last two months (including this one) and a bunch of others. “anistropic” came back with this great topic which i had the foresight to bookmark anyways, from not even a month ago. my bitchiness aside, here’s a couple other results that should help:
stainless steel shader topic
this one’s for max, but the idea is the sameyou should also look into the mental ray DGS materials, specifically the U and V blur attributes. not always a fast render solution though.

good luck, and don’t forget to post your spectacular results for the world to see!


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