Brume, Melanie Delon (2D)


the softness and ambience is amanzing. very good work.


Absolutely gorgeous! Yes the hands are a bit big and the wrists are a tad awkward but who cares, this is beautiful!


Damn! my thread is beside yours, its not fair :shrug:

Awsome painting!


Ragdoll, Thanks a lot for your comment, i know about the hands but i like her like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Markski, Inwheel & Wanbao, thanks a lot! I’m glad you like her, the lighting was a bit hard to do =)

Itde711, thanks a lot, for close up see below :wink:

Ikaa, thanks :smiley:

Stefan-Morrell, KiboSVK & Xenias, Thank you so much!

Patrice, merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

Bearfoot & Adriat, thank you so much blushes

Limbiu, i know, i’ll try to do better next time :wink:

Marcotronic, thanks a lot! I’m glad you like her :slight_smile:

Cabotinecco, hehe, yep i’ve been away for a long time, i’m working on a big project so i don’t have a lot of free time, thanks a lot for your comment =)

Mohd, thanks, i don’t wanted to push the details too far, “sacrifice” is sometimes a good thing…

Haisheng, humm a lot of work is the main secret :wink: thxs for your comment

Elnady, hehe, i keep that one for my artbook, so you’ll have to wait a bit more to see her =)

Blessing, thxs honey!

Petevisual, thank you so much :slight_smile:

MoonVisionStudio, hehe, yes, i like her like that, big hands are not a bad things after all :slight_smile:



First of all, thank you so much for the closeups, they’re mindblowing.

Regarding hands: Hands are expressive as face, and making a little bit “bigger” enhances the expression of the character. Of course, it’s just my opinion… :slight_smile:


Melanie, wonderful to see new work from you. I think this is your best. The colors, the lighting, the whole mood of the piece is stunning. Your style is perfect for this kind of work. And the amount of detail in her clothing, despite the softness of the picture, blows me away. Beautiful work, just perfect. :love:

(I think the hands are fine–I’ve got huge hands myself and they lend a subtle kind of power to her.)




stunning lady beautifully painted.

fine work Melanie…:thumbsup:.

the details are fantastic and i even like the tree and the landscape behind her.


Superb ! Probably my favorite of yours. Beauty and sensuality. Difficult not to fall in love with your character. Deserve an award in my opinion.
Great work ! *****


Hi Melanie, this is my favorite piece so far that you have done. I especially love the soft tones of the painting, her golden hair and the delicacy of the clothes. I also find that although the hanging arm/hand are quite large they still fit in beautifully with the composition! Great work.


Lovely stuff :thumbsup:


Always a pleasant surprise to log on and see new work from you. Great as usual. Artist like you inspire me to keep painting.


Beau! five stars from me. the softness, the details, high Caliber work! The colours are so kick ass!


perfect!!!nice light!5 starts!


Very cool pict. Maybe my fav so far. Insane fabric work. Cool face.
Less cliché to me (to bounce on our previous discussion).
I feel like having a mint tea with you now :wink:


Oh boy, oh boy! Melanie, you have my respect! This is absolutely stunning! I’ve been seeing your great work through ImagineFX, and let me tell you, it’s really jawdropping. Congratulations! +5


she’s stunning! [and looks a bit like Nicole Kidman ;)] :bounce:


exquisite:)welldone mate,5 stars well deserved


Eh melanie, c de la bonne retouche dis moi !! tu veux pas poster la foto de reference pour faire plaisir et qu on puisse évaluer le taff ? Merci !

Hi melanie, great retouching !!! could u please post ur photo ref just to evaluate the post production job ? Tks



Exquisite is indeed the word here. Love everything about her, hands included, as someone else said, they give her strenght.

Amazing detail, as usual for you… :slight_smile: