Brume, Melanie Delon (2D)


Title: Brume
Name: Melanie Delon
Country: France
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hi there, long time no see! Here is my new painting, hope you’ll like it =)

The little story:
“Eve is the last keeper of the Land of dreams, She comes at night with the mist, and when everyone is asleep she steals the dreams and nightmares and locks them in a place that she keeps secret…”

All done with Photoshop cs2 and Painter.


nice! tho i think her hands are ginormous… for a girl… i think… like one hand could cover her entire face… :smiley: that said, nice details on her hands btw… details on the entire piece actually! :smiley:



WOW… Really spectacular. Love the colors and lighting. Superb as always. 4* of course.


Lighting is perfect and give me some soft feeling. 5 stars.


woo,very nice


Wow,very beautiful,The tone is very good!
The a little dim feeling is very beautiful!
Cannot see more details! Is a little regrettable.:sad:


Beautiful work!!


this is a stunning work…really nice use of the soft light

Well done! :thumbsup:


Fantastic job love mood light skin pose dress face gr8 5*:applause:


Beautiful and realistic very much5*


nice to see you back after a long silence. Amazing compo and light


wow amazing work



i just love your work…5*


big hands…I think! :slight_smile: but nice very nice


absolutely out of this world. Sooo beautiful.



It’s so long times for waiting your new paiting.:>
The girl is very beautiful,I like her face and her left hand very much.And I think her head feel a little small. 4 stars:thumbsup:


its little bit killing the detail in some is just fine.good composition and lighting.


Fierce!How achieves?Too beautiful! Too beautiful!Studies to you.


Great work as always…
but i can’t wait to see the painting in your avatar looks very nice :wink:


Agree with marcotronic: absolutely out of this world. The composition, the lightning, the skintones… God!

Closeups, please!! Please!!

Congrats, Mélanie! You’ve got my 5! :slight_smile: