Bruce Stroia's Sketchbook


Rock progress…


Zbrush - Substance - Maya


I like these threads becuase it makes it nice to see if you are moving forward or not and the most recent sculpt for your rock is looking like the best. Take your time and analyse the hell out of it


That’s what I enjoyed back in the day from other artists… progress posts and learning from what they learn.

Mistakes from my semi-purposefully bad rock attempts-
>Thinking alphas would do most of the work. COMPLETELY WRONG.
>Also thought polypainting earlier would be quicker… but really that only makes it harder to see issues with the mesh

Successful tools-
>TrimSmoothBorder + Crumple (used by environment artist for Shadow of the Colossus Remake)

Here it is with the game engine my friend made from scratch-

Now that I kinda have the workflow and pipeline down… I feel mostly like watching science videos about rocks before even starting the next sculpt lol


Personal work based on a Learn Squared demonstration for an abandoned mall with the upstairs roof collapsing.

I imagined the downstairs-



dumb drawing for a friend…


attempts at Steve Cormann’s Ocean Tutorial

^Here I could not fully control the unintentional reflective shapes which form with the bump at higher values. Strangely, these do occur in nature but in certain conditions-



Warmup scribbles while staring outside coffee shop windows-


Im happy to see im not the only one obsess with rocks. I cant remember how many rock sketches i have done, god. Keep up the work!! Looking forward seeing more.


Trees too… i LOVE TREES!


something fun to work on before sleep-

35 mm (Panavision Panaflex)
Master/Long Shot
Mid-Late Afternoon / Summer?


Love those tree sketches! Something so magical about that pencil on paper look


working out some weaknesses and sorting through my thoughts


Love your inquisitive approach to producing art!


Thanks Alice! :slight_smile:



Sketchbook Pro and Scott Eaton’s -


Today’s warmups. Tried Melted Conte preset to get away from the soft airbrushy look-



Lota mistakes… but I confidently leave them to be reminded on the next drawing -


How’s it Bruce!

It’s a delight looking through your sketchbook and your experiments. Your last drawing set had some nice rhythm and gestures. I know you wanted to move forward from these, but have you tried drawing over them/redline edits as a second pass? In the past when I do studies like these I found the added benefit of actually pointing out my own mistakes by drawing over my sketches with a red round brush.

I’m actually doing a similar exercise in my mentorship, but storyboarding an entire movie frame by frame. What you’re doing is good mileage as well and its great to see you improving your drawing skills. Keep it up Bruce!


Hey thanks for the support @michaelcabuco

I have a TON of experiments in mind and lots of ideas to work out… but I keep getting stuck on one thing or another. My gestural sketches try to break that block. Except for the anime hair chick, these were only a couple minutes each. Crappy but honest lines and I left the mistakes because there’s literally no time left.

As for corrections, I actually started another thread to support someone’s sketch challenge… and couldn’t help but start to spend more time to share better drawings. It’s a good and bad thing but either way I’ll keep it up :wink: