Bruce Stroia's Sketchbook


Practiced gesture drawing (from photo) on Sunday-

(30 sec)

(2-5 min)

(10-20 min)


Really like the gestures, Keep em coming!


Thanks for the encouragement Adrian… I definitely need to practice more!


Been making a game with an online friend. He felt we had not been making much progress lately so I’m going to try dedicating 3 hrs per day for weekly asset sculpts… then attempt to refine and make them game ready on the weekends. Will see how long this lasts lol

This was today’s 3 hr sculpt of a rock pillar-

1st hour: Reference/Textures
2nd: Sculpt
3rd: Poly Painting with Spotlight and Layers

Looks bad but it got me thinking about sun scorched areas, chips/cracking around the base, and generally how to guide the eye.


4-5 hours on this rock formation with the same procedure as before… just less time on reference and more back n forth between sculpt and painting.

Struggled to keep hard edges and make recognizable shapes.


Those old school VHS horror tapes from the blockbuster stores were something, heh, great work! Totally nailed the style


Even before blockbuster as a kid I used to get dumped off at my babysitters house and we’d go to some hole in the wall local video store… the kind with an adult section separated by hanging beads in back corner lol. Well right next to that was horror. By the age of 13 I had rented all the VHS greats! Had a huge influence on me growing up. Miss those days :expressionless:


WIP learning from the previous mistakes


Nice I like your figure sketches


Thank you Nylelevi… my figure style is heavily influenced by the animation techniques of drawing through the form. It’s how they taught us all through school and I’m still learning that everytime I draw!


Rock progress…


Zbrush - Substance - Maya


I like these threads becuase it makes it nice to see if you are moving forward or not and the most recent sculpt for your rock is looking like the best. Take your time and analyse the hell out of it


That’s what I enjoyed back in the day from other artists… progress posts and learning from what they learn.

Mistakes from my semi-purposefully bad rock attempts-
>Thinking alphas would do most of the work. COMPLETELY WRONG.
>Also thought polypainting earlier would be quicker… but really that only makes it harder to see issues with the mesh

Successful tools-
>TrimSmoothBorder + Crumple (used by environment artist for Shadow of the Colossus Remake)

Here it is with the game engine my friend made from scratch-

Now that I kinda have the workflow and pipeline down… I feel mostly like watching science videos about rocks before even starting the next sculpt lol


Personal work based on a Learn Squared demonstration for an abandoned mall with the upstairs roof collapsing.

I imagined the downstairs-



dumb drawing for a friend…


attempts at Steve Cormann’s Ocean Tutorial

^Here I could not fully control the unintentional reflective shapes which form with the bump at higher values. Strangely, these do occur in nature but in certain conditions-



Warmup scribbles while staring outside coffee shop windows-


Im happy to see im not the only one obsess with rocks. I cant remember how many rock sketches i have done, god. Keep up the work!! Looking forward seeing more.


Trees too… i LOVE TREES!