Bruce_LotusArt, Alexander Beim (3D)


I love this!

Since you’re animating it, do you take requests? My fave: that “Big Boss” sequence, where he’s trying not to fight but then finally absolutely loses it! :slight_smile: That was cinematic payoff perfection.


Thanks for shearing some light into how the hairs are made, but its still not very specific.

Nevertheless, I have no excuse for blaming Maya Hair for the poor hair on my characters now.

I am rather happy with the result of Maya Furs, but the Maya Hair just not works well with me. :cry:


Great work!!

I can really imagine how painful the process of getting it right was and how many hours it took!

Just awesome! You are another artist who proved mayaHair with mray can produce amazing results…in the end its the artist not sw!




Awesome, Outstanding work. so realistic…


Excellent model… lovely render…
i also have same thought. if you could, please do a video tutorial for these will help a lot of people around here including me.Thanks a lot.


it is very beautiful like it


well done specially with the hair


Wow! This is great! Inspiring in a way too.

A great tribute to the great Bruce Lee. Technically, this is very impressive, the subtle skin tones and the calm lighting sure adds another level of realism.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:



Really impressive.
I was used to see Bruce in his older movies (the best IMO), so the pronounced jaw line is a bit shocking to me, but this is obviously a personal feeling.
Technically top notch, cover and gallery well deserved.


awesome job and yeah it will be so cool if you make the full body and animate it.
PS: it will be difficult too.


many many thanks you all!!) About making off. I will create a movie how I did it and put on my site. So look down sometimes. I think after one week it will be online)


Looks great!!


Very nice, Gooooooooooood job!


Great rendition to one of my heroes! Keep up with the great work, I’d like to see the body and the animation as well. Subscribed.


One of the best I have seen so far, great work !


wow …Amazing work on the Legend…you desrve the award…Congratz Alexander Beim …wish u succes in many more.


awards winner booooww, congratulations !
:applause: :bounce:


This is by far the best looking 3D image I have ever seen. It is so realistic and it looks just like Bruce Lee. You have done his legend justice,


Wow, great job! Very nice render and shaders, superb realism! :applause:


Very nice, indeed. I love how natural the hair looks. It would be great to see the rest of the body, when you get a chance to complete it.