Bruce_LotusArt, Alexander Beim (3D)


Nice…Work!! Bruce lee the legendary.


Great Work Man!
Yes he was the most talented student of martial arts!
Think about he´s teacher Yip Man - Bruce has only 2 student grade´s of wing chun!
He wasn´t ready to learn and disputed with his Teacher the Legendary Wing Chun Grandmaster Yip Man.
Yip Man was the only living Wing Chun Fighter in the direct Lineage of Chan Wa Shun and Bruce was one of his Students.
As a livetime Fan of Bruce (and later also of Yip Man and Wing Chun) i´m impressed when i think that Bruce has the Chance to finish his Training and get a Grade as a Grandmaster! But he hasn´t and died to early!!! Yip Man died in December 1972 and Bruce wants to live in harmony with his master and went to Hongkong for the funeral of Yip Man.

Keep up the good work.
I´d like to see more!


thank you very much …:)…i really enjoyed your explanation :slight_smile:


“I do not hit. It hits all by itself”, Lee, looking at his fist. This looks great, but I think the upper lip should be slightly smaller (up and down wise).


Thank you) I have use FG but not GI. First I used only two lights because my goal was try to create hard personality, so to much lights will make portrait to soft. So I have used third light very less, but no any GI.

Render time because of hair was about 5 hours in 2k resolution. My hardware is:

MSI X79A-GD65 (8D), X79
Core i7-3930K, 6x 3.20GHz overclock to 4000GHz
24 GB DDR3-1600



I want to congratulate you on the excellent job you did capturing Bruce; as you said all that’s left for you to do now is capture a full body pose. :thumbsup:

@ CGIPadawan:

I think your critiques are pretty harsh because he wasn’t striving to recreate the still shot you posted; rather the goal was to recreate an image of Bruce Lee. The best way to judge it is the believability of the end result. As he said he researched for multiple sources so it’s not necessary to be exact or perfect – is it believable? That’s all Art is anyhow; an illusion created by manipulating whatever genre or media of choice.



MSI X79A-GD65 (8D), X79
Core i7-3930K, 6x 3.20GHz overclock to 4000GHz
24 GB DDR3-1600[/QUOTE]

:eek: :surprised
1: core E 6850 - 4 GB DDR 2 - 1 GB CPU 9600 gt
2: dualcore E2200 4GB DDR 3 vga CPU


Stunning work!


Congrats on this fantastic piece!


Yup…that’s Bruce Lee alright.
Fantastic work.


This looks really good. There is one bit that’s bugging me. Although everybody praised the hair, those eyebrows grow backward. The flow of most of the brows is inward and although it doesn’t look bad it still doesn’t feel right. I had to google some references to make sure. Looks really good, he looks good in a neutral pose. I hope I’ll get to see a full body Bruce Lee of this quality. Keep it up.


Thank you. No thay grow in right way, look on wireframe. :slight_smile:


I did. That’s weird… still can’t figure it out. Anyway since I’m the only one seeing it like that it’s clearly my faulty perception. Anyway really cool render, contrats for making first page.


It is really sharp, I love it.


Great, thanks Alexander for the info;)


Great work! :wink:


Nice work. The eyes look good.


You Did a very good job, it looks just like him. Also the model was put together very well.


excellent work :slight_smile:


It impresses me a lot…very fantastic work