Bruce_LotusArt, Alexander Beim (3D)


Title: Bruce_LotusArt
Name: Alexander Beim
Country: Germany
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This image is the result of many new futures that I learned recently. I think that in the future I will put more new versions of Bruce. Of course I would like to build a full body and create the animation. It will be interesting.


very nicee


so is similar? Some wire views:


Sweet render! Hair feels great


looking good


The hair looks fanastic, what did you use, & how you are able to make them so realistic?


One of the best renditions of Bruce I’ve seen. Love the hair especially. Well done man.




fantastic hair.

you could write a thing or two about how its made…if its not secret :slight_smile:


amazing…would love to see you do a full body model someday!


Your hair use what to do


Hmmm… Just minor tweaks.

Eyes should be a bit smaller,
Eyebrows a bit thinner,
Base of nose slightly lower (ie: longer nose bridge in your chosen camera angle so that nose bridge is longer vertically).

You might need to adjust the jawline after lengthening the nose bridge vertically - but I think it will be spot on.

Otherwise, I like everything about it…Eyes, expression, hair, skin tone… fantastic. :slight_smile:


Perhaps, but you took only one concrete photo. You think eyes should be smaller? I don’t know… :curious:

I don’t plan to make Bruce Lee from concrete photo so as references I had about 300. And it is really difficult to find out how was any part of his face. He is everywhere different. I tried to catch a middle to create my one face mimics of him. I don’t know maybe you right.

Guys for hairs I took standard Maya hair. Many many time of tweaking, I think the same time as for face self :eek: But sure now I can make it faster.


Great work…I think is perfect.
I would know how did the process from Zb to Maya, i´ve got a lot of problems, a mini tutorial could be the solution.


you should create two map displacement and normal map. I had 7 levels of detail in zbrush. So for displacement I create map for level 3, and normal map from level 3 to level 7. Because If you will create both maps for level 7 your model will be not the same as in Zbrush.


No way man, this looks rad. Plus your reference picture, he is looking down. Check it in the mirror.

Spot on, nice job!


Very nice render overall. Hairs are very realistic.:applause:

Things i wanted to know.
What did u use for hairs? If maya default or shave and haricut then, what type of hairs you use in that?

Can u share some of your wips -Maps,lighting and shading.



First of all, it’s a really great job!
I love the hair, the expression, the look and the skin details.
Maybe minor tweaks could improve the likeness, in shapes and textures but anyway your job is beautifull, huge congrat man!


I used standard maya hair (paint effects) and rendered full image with mental ray. For lighting I used 3 area lights with quadratic decay. Maps was painted in Zbrush (poly paint) This is basic texture.


Fantastic work Alexander, i thing you really capture the strong personality of Bruce Lee.

-You said that you used 3 area lights, did you use FG and GI as well?

-Whats the render time and whats your hardware spec?

Thanks and again fantastic work!:thumbsup:


nice bruce lee model, i use to watch movie as a kid in those time, this brings so much memories.