Bruce_Lee, Xiao Keming (3D)


Title: Bruce_Lee
Name: Xiao Keming
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

Bruce LEE is not only a film star or legendary martial art master from China, he is great man. Just like Michael Jordon and Ali are respected, loved, memorized around the whole world, Bruce also exceeds the nation and the age.
Out of reverence to Bruce, I created the piece of work in my spare time, and since I did it time to time, I don’t know how long it took me.
The model is built by ZB and rendered by “Mentalray”. At first I planned to render the hair by “shave”, but since I’m not good at the tool the effect doesn’t came out good anyway. So finally I hand-painted the hair and attached the picture. After tested several times it finally finished. Welcome the comments and advice.


excellently done. great job.


Nice modeling but I think you should do more work on light and shaders.


oh my god 100% look like the artset very nice work but i think the skin not real ???

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


Perfect modeling. The skin shader could be tweeked just a little and a slight more reflection into his eyes may add a little more life. I love the hair. Very well done! I am currently working on a similar scene. A self portrait with a similar lighting plan as your own. Working the shaders with low lighting and dark scene is one of the hardest things I have come across.


Nice model and expression,but the skin shader could be improved,it makes Bruce Lee looks like a plastic model.


good job!终于看到中国人了,还是上海的,哈哈


Cool man~love it,my friend


Good work,likeness is 95%.The rest you can bring with the texturing.Right now shader is not looking real ,give some more time on texturing .
And yes Bruce Lee was a great man.
All the Best:cool:


Great job on that one i must say, very Bruce Lee to me at least. Two thumbs up! And please accept my full respect for the sake of not making another “my-chinese-girlfriend” or “chinese girl-nextdoor”.

as for the “not-very-realistic-skin-shader”, I’ve got your back. I find the skin shader not bad at all. It seems that recently the young chinese artists fall into a “everyone-make-a-chinese-girl-and-the-skin-shader-must-be-hyper-realistic” loop. I’m glad you didn’t take that path.

the only critique/comment I have, would be the light on the character. Personally I would give the rim light a harder punch so your character can pop up more from the background. Perhaps also increase the contrast a bit more on the face and hair. Right now the lighting is a bit flat imho.I did a quick painted over and made a small gif out of it. I hope you wouldn’t mind.


I agree with Jack, haha. Very cool that he did that sketchover! But, as everyone else has said, the modeling is exquisite. Good job!


Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.I think so too.The model is good while

the skin texture is weak. The light contrast isn’t strong. I need to practice

more. I especially appreciate Jack’s demonstration.


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