Brown Silence, Anry (2D)


Hi. Illustration for fantasy game “Sacred”.

50% fragment - 1191 X 3946 (px.)

© 2003, Procreate Painter 7, Original Size: 7000 x 10369 (px.)


Very, very nice work! You must have some pretty impressive hardware to be able to work at a resolution like that?

I hate when I can’t find anything to criticise :slight_smile:



one of the best dragons i’ve ever seen!


im loving it!
front page material :thumbsup:


did shadow of the beast on the amiga inspire you?


Awesome stuff! The hand of the dragon is amazing!
plug plug plug!


Yes I hope they plug it, this is front page material. Simply incredible.

I love the reflective quality of the dragon skin, and the whole scene is great.


very impressive… i love the monster… especially its skin and the chain very stylish


Very cool, the dragon almost has a feel sort of like from Alien, I have never seen it come off in a dragon b4, One thing I would like to see is a little more of an interesting poze for the female character, and her elf ear is a little weird to me, too long or something. Her hair could be more wavey and her and some how the neck ummm I don’t know, It just doesn’t look as refined as the dragon. Also I think it would be cool to see more arrows in the flesh of the dragon, It’s kind of dishearting that this great beast was brought down with only one arrow. Other than that you should be proud of yourself, very nice work.


Whoa, beautiful image! :applause: I don’t what to say, except I love your work, Anry! :beer:


Woah! Simply amazing! I am so stunned by this artwork. I love the skin of the beast, and the mood of the whole scene!

I don’t agree at all with “lestdog”:

I think the pose is fantastic. A subtle, yet respectful pose. She may have just slain this incredible beast, but can’t help but respect it’s raw power.

I think the one arrow wound is a great statement. “The bigger the are, the harder they fall” I think this is a great depiction of such a proverb.

Overal, Fantastic work! I am amazed this is not on the front page yet. Keep up the good work, and please keep posting!


Awespiring work, I love it in every which way, you’ve done a great job framing this scene, and it’s a pleasure to see other genre of works from you as well.





Originally posted by Man

one of the best dragons i’ve ever seen! [/B]

Same here. Very nice indeed. The clenched fist is fantastic.
Totally awesome :buttrock:


Sweet! The composition with the wing wrapping around the elf is just great. I also love the arrow in the dragon’s eye showing how it died, in one of it’s unarmored weak spots. The armor on the dragon, and the dragon itself is really unique. The detail in the scales and how they wrap around the beast is well executed. Fantastic piece of work.


I love this picture, Anry… I like the light, the colours, the composition. The best for me is the dragon, full of strenght in its surface treatment. The worse is the archer… the pose isn´t good at all… very rigid and weightless.


Anry your work is perfect!
Im biggest fan of your art.
Why you don’t post your work on the russian forums???


WOW!! simply awsome work on this piece ,stunning :bowdown:


You are my favorite digital illustrator. How long does it usually take you to complete something like this?


great paint work ! cool man :thumbsup:


wow, that looks great, but i agree with what was said above, the pose seems a bit unnatural, she is supposed to be leaning foreward on this dragon yet all of her weight is centered, she should have some sort of weight shift in her hips to balance herself. other than that it looks great.