Bronte, Alfa Smyrna (3D)


Title: Bronte
Name: Alfa Smyrna
Country: Turkey
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

High_Res Image:

Hi Everybody,
Once saw a photo of a house on the Internet.
Then made this scene as I remember the house.
Don’t know where it is, who designed it or who lives inside.
Not even sure if I remember the details correctly.

Done in 3dsMax 2011+ Vray 2.10.01 + Photoshop 5.5
All comments are welcome.


Awesome work. Impressive lighting and materials. I’ll try to attain to the level of this work in my own renderings. Thanks for inspiration!


amazing work ii like it 2much the textures & render :thumbsup:


Hello Alfa :slight_smile:

it’s another nice interior from you, you are making a nice progress :thumbsup:

wow, just saw your website, very nice update form the last time I saw it!


excellent work I like it
like useualy everyone have problems with view out of the window - problems with photo quality
rest is excellent
good job


Great Lighting and Colors!
Looks like a HDR Photo. :wink:

Really good work!


Hey :smiley: Thank you very much. I am very glad you like the site and the renders.
Best Wishes

Thank you. I really had big AA problems in this project.

Thank you very much all of you.


Very well chosen textures for a modern style!
I like the wood texture and the close ups.
Keep it up man Good luck.


Very impressive image, textures and lightining! congrats :slight_smile:

Can you show us the clayrender and the wires please ?

Thanks man


Looks very great!
One thing that also always happens to my renders: why are the over-exposed reflections always so not antialiased (or simply ‘aliased’?) with Vray?
(See metal tubes of the chair or windowframe)


great work. this is a good example of how light gives depth to an arch viz, i miss this in alot of visualisations. textes and shaders looks great too.
my only crit would be the wood near the fireplace, the texture looks to uniform (wood should look way brighter there it was cuted).


very nice renders mate!
best regards!


Great attention to detail. The surfaces are right on.


Thank you very much all of you !
It is so encouraging to hear nice comments from many great artists. :smiley:

About aliasing problem:
Well, I experience this problem more in Vray 2.0
Actually it is a problem of unclamped colors but I couldn’t solve the problem when I enabled the “clamp output” option.
Even “subpixel mapping” settings didn’t solve the problem.

I will be sending the clay render some time during the day. Need to render it.
Cheers everyone!


I experienced this behaviour when Physical Cam and Light Value Intensities were a bit off. Often it helps to use lower light intensities and compensate this with a longer exposure.


Excellent work, really!
I like how you´ve worked out those reflections and details on the wood on the table.
Colors and light are beautiful.
One thing bothers me: Inside the chimney there are barely reflections of the fire.
Fire is burning but the walls inside of the chimney are nearly black. It looks cool though as an artistic effect, but in terms of realism it doesn´t really fit.

I think you´ve overlooked it, because the rest of the image is so careful worked out.

Cool work!



Thank you very much for the crit. I agree that fire needs more work.

Thanks for this tip. I will definately try it. Hope it will solve the problem.


Here is the wire-clay render and the screenshot.
Best wishes for everyone.


Bravo Alfa very nice,
only the fire is too much but it’s nothing
very beautiful,
i love the floor!!!