British Chapter


Love the idea of this CG Society, I’m sure it will be a great benefit for all its members. While I’m waiting for PayPal to get on with my membership payment I was wondering wether there was any interest in starting a UK Chapter of the CG Society. Depending on numbers there could be local groups, I guess depending on the concentration of CG Talent in an area. Any way I’m off to make porridge for the family. Lets make this rock.


There definitely should be one in London. We just need some people to organise meetings and get-togethers.



Count me in for a London society, definitely. :beer:


Re: Leonard.

I have tried to organise meets in the past in the London area - I don’t mind taking point.:beer:


It might be an idea to go for local chapters based on larger regions rather than cities - bit like the old TV regions. London and the SE seems like a good idea to start off with due the large numbers of artists in the industry in this region. Certainly count me in on this - I’m in Rochester, Kent - so that’s two in this list in the Kent area to to start off with.

It may be an idea to hit the art colleges to promote this as well - its already announced in the Sticky that posters on demand are a potential option. The BCS do this already in the IT departments of colleges, so there is no reason why we can’t do the same in a bridging between the two departments.

I’m sort of in the education industry anyway, so I’m willing to be the contact on that side of the house if nothing else.


Re: Pharoh.

( Striking up a Cigar…)

I just lurrrrvvvve it when a plan comes together! :smiley:


Anybody from the south west, Bristol maybe?
It would be cool to get something together as there are a lot of effects houses in the region.


I’m not sure, but I think Hugh is near Bristol… :hmm:


Bloody typical; London = England/Britain/UK!!! Looks like I’ll be on my own in the “North-of-Watford” chapter then!



Hugh works in London though.

I agree chapters should be in regions and not individual cities or whole nations (at least for a place like the UK).
either this way or the people in Kent or Bristol will miss out on the great company of us poshy, cockney speaking westenders living infront of regent’s park, SK or notting hill :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, it could work providing meetings shifted around a bit between different cities. Middlesbrough isn’t exactly sparkling but there should be a lot of interest there related to the courses at the Uni. Manchester is always good for a visit.

“Regions” aren’t always ideal. When I was in the RIBA that used to split into regions and moving up to Nottingham dumped me into the East Midland region which was too parochial for my liking. It could work on a networking level but I would be more interested in finding out what people are doing across the country.



please please please for the love of CG, don’t start a chapter in Middlesbrough!!! I’ve been waiting for 3 years to escape this place and get back to London!


Just because you happen to be in a chapter area does not mean to say that all of the chapters can’t interact on a level footing. The chapter regions may be useful only for activities - like promoting CGSociety in general.

Besides, do we actually know how many people are involved? At present time, we may not have enough to start a reasonably sized regional group - we may have to go for UK as a whole, then sub-divide as and when we get greater numbers.



I wouldn’t ever go back to Middlesbrough but after eight years in London and only being able to afford a flat with zero sound insulation between us and the peopel upstairs I was ready to head back North…just not so far up as Teesside.



haha yes, just stay a few miles south and you’ll be fine! or maybe a few miles further north :slight_smile:

I am soo looking forward to getting back to London. I miss the buzz, the culture, the people, the atmosphere, the business, contacts, opportunities. I miss it all so badly I can’t tell you. Teesside has a growing CG base (especially with Animex) and I sincerely wish it the best of luck, but there’s no way in hell I’m going back (I’m reluctant to even go back for my graduation haha!).

I’ll take an overpriced pint over a broken car window any day!


Hmmm…a generalised Kent meet-up is possible. I’m in and around Sevenoaks… :cool:

Well, London is a no-brainer - so that one could be the main"groupie fest". We could hold it three times a year or something…I dunno. :shrug:


What about the NW? Anybody interested?


Hey Portsmouth here,

London wouldn’t be that much of a trek for me 4 times a year! and it’d be great.

@cyphyr, i’m by no means a pro but i’d love to come along and help out the bristol area :slight_smile:




BTW, I’ve got a possible meet-up for June, In London.

Haven’t figured on a Location, yet, but any ideas would be hot. :cool:


how about Covent Garden.